Kickoff written by Dakota McElhinny

The Taxi Incident

Past Spoils

For a silent second, everything seemed wrong. She was the last person he wanted to see, at the moment. He thought about telling the taxi driver to go on, but she gave him a kind smile that insisted he stay.

"Hello, James, its been awhile," she said politely. She smoothed out her dress, to get rid of the wrinkles, but she returned to her prim, proper and delicate state.

A lump seemed to hit James' throat and he croaked out, "Hello, Violet. How, how have you been?" He carefully eyed her curly, russet hair, slim lilac dress, but he felt the sweating urge to not look long.

"Same old, same old, darling. Work is dreadful
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in this accursed city and everyone seems to be searching for money and love. Isn't that a ridiculous pursuit?" she questioned with a sarcastic, fluttering laugh.

James did not answer immediately. He had always wanted to see Violet again, but this was unexpected. Before he'd sleep or during his showers, he would rehearse lines that he wanted to tell her, but now, with her sitting right there, these lines fled his mind, rendering them useless.

"Of course that's ridiculous, Violet," he said blankly, "you always were different."

She stared back, somewhat in shock and somewhat angered.

"Really? How so?"

"No, no...I didn't
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mean it in a bad way. I-I don't know exactly how I meant it."

"Oh, James, you always were such a terrible liar," Violet retorted. Her gaze turned to the walkways outside the taxi window.

James glanced at the street names, hopefully his stop wasn't too far away now. He quickly regretted the decision of sharing a taxi with Violet, why had he done this foolish thing? He wasn't ready but, then again, would he ever be?

"What are you doing for Valentine's Day?" James attempted to ask nonchalantly.

As the question was asked, Violet lit up with excitement and blurted out, "I have met the most charming gentleman, Greg. He
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is taking me out for dinner and fun."

James nodded his head. "There never was any chemistry between us, was there?"

Violet gave a shrug and replied, "My stop is coming up, but I will just get out here."

The Italian driver, a finely built man, stopped the car and immediately responded, "$5, please."

Violet dug through her purse and looked up at James. "James, I appear to have left my money at home. Would you be a darling and pay for me, when you get out?"

"Yes," James answered without thinking.

"Oh, James, you always were a dear," Violet replied hurriedly, as she closed the taxi door and began walking away.
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