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Game of Life and DEATH

A game that kills.

There was only my brother and me left.

All the other players had died and disappeared from the universe.

Gamegoons created a game and everyone in the world was forced to play.
The game was basically Slope Two Ball 3D, but more evil.

You turn into a ball, and then you choose your ball.
But if you die, you die in REAL life.

And the final survivor is allowed to live.

We played this game a lot and became worldwide champions.
First place was my brother and then was me.

We were swiftly dodging the red blocks, taking every ramp, dodging the stompers and so on.

It was dangerous, but we had to do it.

After we completed level 29, my brother said to me, ‘It’s okay if I don’t win, but you have to.’

I could feel my brothers love in me as if that a part of my heart.

And then, he rolled in front of me, and said, ‘Follow me.’

I followed every roll he did, and it worked just fine.

We survived every level we faced, until level 49.

‘It’s getting faster bro.’ my brother said smoothly as we dodged
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an obstacle, ‘But you have to live.’

Suddenly, he smashed himself purposely into a red block and the game ended.

‘Noooo!!’ I shouted.

And I was back home. Normal.

I felt sad. No-one could replace my brother.

Then, I felt the love he gave me and I was determined that I should save my brother.

So I thought of my plan.

I should first find out where the Gamegoons live, then I start an attack.

I can figure out an attack later when I get there.
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