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Dear Dark Love

This is part 1 of chapter 1 of "Dear Dark Love"

It was pretty much a normal day for me, other than the fact that Edd, Matt, and me are all the way in the US. We had moved here so Matt could get a better job, while Edd and I have been working the same job since I was 21. Edd is a professional artist now, currently working on making his own business. Matt is a movie actor, and gets a really good pay from that. I have three jobs. Crazy, right? Actually, it’s not. I am a Norwegian/American Soldier, the Red Leader’s Bodyguard, and Singer/Guitar artist.
I woke up this morning and put my usual choice of clothes on; my blue hoodie, jeans ripped at the knees and scruffed up all over, black combat boots, and long socks. I quickly get my Smirnoff, headphones, phone, and I grab my hair-gel and fix Steve so it’s up in its normal position. I rush out the door, careful to not wake Edd or Matt up. I walk over to my usual spot(on the hill), finding the Red Leader watching the sunrise. “Lovely, isn’t it Thomas?” he says calmly. I walk up to him and
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sit beside him. “Yeah…” I respond. We sit in silence until the sun is fully up. The Red Leader stands up, waiting for me. “You coming, Tom?”, he questions me. I get up and answer his question, “Yes sir.”. He looks at me with a goofy smirk, “You know you can call me by my actual name, right? I’m only the Red Leader when we are at the base.”, he laughs. My face flushes a light pink. Whatever…
Tord and I walk into the kitchen, him to the fridge and me to the cabinet to get plates. “Are Pat and Paul up yet, Tord? Or are they still out getting Addy from her babysitter?” I ask him, focused on making my toast. “They got her already, all three are probably asleep now.”, he responds after a few seconds. Suddenly, we both hear a wail coming from my room and I rush there. “Are you OK, honey?!?!” I exclaim. Addy had fallen out of bed again. Addy is my daughter, adopted three years ago. She’s five years old now. “T-there was a tiny robot on m-me!” she screeches. I scoop her up and give her a hug. “It’s
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OK.”, I tell her, hoping to calm her down. Tord rushes in with a hammer and smashes the small robot, luckily away from Susan and Addy and me. “Are you all OK?” he asks, a concerned look on his face. I nod and put Addy down so Tord and I can clean up the mess.
Matt comes into the room and says he’ll play with Addy so that Tord and I can finish making breakfast. As we head to the kitchen, we see that Pat is up, making a bottle for his kid. “Morning you two.” Pat says tiredly,“Hope yall’ slept well.”he says as he walks to Paul and his room. Orana Reese Derona is Patryk and Paul’s daughter. She’s four months old now, so she’s the second youngest. The youngest kid is Tera, Tord little sister. She’s only a month old now; her parents dropped her off here permanently a week ago, saying they were not able to take care of her.

Edd walks into the kitchen carrying Ringo, our cat(and by our, I mean everyone here) in his hoodie pocket. “Mew.” Ringo calls as he jumps out of Edd’s pocket so he can get
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to his cat food. “Good morning, Tom!” Edd says with a smile on his face. He gets his usual; Lucky Charms Cereal, and puts it in his bowl, grabs a spoon and milk, and sits down to eat. “Daddy!” I hear Addy’s usual happy squeal as she runs up to me to start giving everyone a hug; hugging me and Tord the longest. “Morning sugarplum.” I tell her as she squeezes me in a hug. “Morning papa!” she tells Tord, even though he’s not her father. “Why hello there Addy!” he exclaims, clearly excited. “Hey, Tom?”Matt starts asking me,”Are…..well..are you and” I immediately start choking on my toast, surprised by Matt’s question. Tord jumps up to help me; lifting me out of my chair, wrapping his arms around my waist, and pulling toward us. The procedure works, and Tord sets me down and comes in front of me. “Are you OK?” he asks, a worried expression plastered on his face. Why is he worried about me? Normally, he just sit there and laugh. But today he didn’t.
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