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My Swimming Sports Recount

My REAL Swimming Race.

Today was the race, the great swimming race. I shivered like it was the last hour for me to live.
It felt like a freezing patch of wind climbing up my spine. Then I took a snack.
Minutes later it was the year 3 boys freestyle swimming race.
Everyone was excited.
As I watched the cool race, I knew I would be a good match for the year 3’s, but no match for the year 4’s. ( even though I was a year 4 )
When the race was over, it was the year 3 girls’ race.
Right after that, it was our freestyle turn.
I gently walked over, and the teacher did the role.
Once she called our name, we said yes and went to a seat and sat down to get ready.
Then she told us to go into the pool. It was freezing!! But not, as usual, it is somehow warm.
Then when we heard the clap the loud clap.
We were off!!!!
I started last, I came last, and I was at the speed of…
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A snail...


Well, I came last anyway. It was a shame, It was embarrassing. I could have finished my opponents off if I didn't have this snail-like swimming speed! I was not happy.

I waited for my final race of breaststroke and came to the teacher and she did the role. I knew I would be a sucker because of the results of my last race. When it was was finally our turn to race, I tried all I could do and I still came in the same result…
LAST!!!!!!!! How embarrassing!
Nothing's gonna stop me! I’m gonna train ‘till I reach the end and finally come first place!!!!
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