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Chidren's day - may way

Little offtrack thoughts

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Today I woke up to the messages for wishing happy children's day with appended message like keep that kid alive in you and
do 'n' number of things which actual kids do instead of remembering Chacha Nehru who was born on 14th Nov that
is why we celebrate Children's day in India.
He is known for his love towards children and his birth anniversary is linked here.
I was wondering when did it change from that to Keep kid alive and stuff.
Well I am very much kiddish and immature in my behaviour but obviously situational and it made me think more
to this thought that are you really sick of being Adult?

Well, you may or may not agree to what I am going to say but it doesnt matter.
So as a kid we all remember the awesome things we did but also annoying things like doing hell lot of homework (mostly useless)
get scolded for playing more, get scolded for spending too much time chattingwith frinds and not studying.
Not letting YOU decide what you want to do after or during (high)school years. Not
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supporting various offtrack
career options. No money related responsibility. Comparing us to other kids who either score more and dance/sing/play well. Controlling us with "I know better , I am your parent" and all that emotional drama if you overreact to it.
I don't want to get into parenting skills because its endless topic. but basically no freedom on day to day things which are needed in long run.

I am saying all this at very generic level. Childhood can be traumatising in many ways where it can suppress personality of individual in many areas.
You might lack confidence , acceptance , flexibility , understanding and social behavioural traits of you.
So I really don't want to keep "that dull kid" alive in me.

Now that I have grown up and have groomed myself at decision making skills, financial freedom, education and knowledge to support my viewpoint,
so sometimes I step myself in parents role and then, I do explain things to my parents (which are new for them lets say) ,
I buy
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needed things (Household or health related) and also i scold them real hard but in a way that i am in parents role still being their "kid". I take incharge of my house and lead many things, make sure we as a family are on same page.

I have no regrets for behaving this way , in fact i just love this thing called Adulthood, and I am not missing any "Be a kid" part.
I am showing how "I am" as an Individual and not expecting but hoping that they will accept real me.
I relate a child's nature is to be Curious in every aspect , dont give up attitude , keep trying (story when a kid falls 10 times and 11th time
s(he) start walking) or eager enough to ask questions and find out solutions or challenge your brain.

Now that we are not kids anymore , I would put it in this way that Be true yourself and that is the most "Keep alive YOU in yourself" and don't become the version your parents , relatives or society wants.
That would be an end to "kid" in your terms OR "You" in my version.

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having said that I would like to bring attention on another and more important topic for children's day is, some kids are unfortunate for not receiving basic thing like food, education , family .Then there are issues like child labour ( in slavery and prostitution) , child abduction and killing or attacking.
Ofc there are non profit organizations doing their bit.

When we see there are many orphan kids around us why are we not opting adoption who wants be mother or father but why only biologically?
There is also an option to adopt kid(s) for supporting their education for certain years until they become independent.

Isn't it the effective way of celebrating children's day?

Note: I understand that at the end its an individual choice but i can always express my thoughts which might change someone's life in some other way!
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