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Monster Mineshaft

Blazingburner115 discover an abandoned mineshaft..

Blazingburner115 got tired of waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse to end so he just decided to eat something when he saw a light from the hole the Creepers blew up during the apocalypse in his base he looked inside, there was an abandoned Mineshaft!

Blazingburner115 was so ready for adventure.
He packed his stuff, ate some food and got ready to go!

He walked down through the tunnels and mobs were everywhere!

Shing! Hiya! HISS! BOOM!

When he destroyed some of the mobs around him, Blazingburner115 opened a chest and took the stuff in it.

Then he continued the fight.

Clank! Clink! CLank! Clink!

All of a sudden, a group of Skeletons came and aimed their bow and arrow at Blazingburner115!

Fling! Fling! Fling!

They shot the arrows at him!
Blazingburner115 could do nothing but try to dodge the arrows, fight back, or take the arrows as if nothing happened.

But he took his choice and fought back.
Blazingburner115 sprinted towards the arrows and the sword he was holding in his hand…

It was
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blocking the arrows for him!

So Blazingburner115 just looked at it and struck his sword at the Skeletons and Slash! He killed the Skeletons in one strike.

Then, Creepers were blowing up everywhere!
Zombies were killed, Skeletons were killed as well as Spiders!

It was a great sight of Creepers blowing up their own team.
Soon, every mob, every mob spawner and every chest was blown up in the tunnel so all was left was resources.
Blazingburner115 picked up all the resources and went home.

When Blazingburner115 got home, he crafted new tools and weapons he decided to go back in.

Since the Creepers only blew one tunnel, there must be so many things waiting for Blazingburner115 to discover!
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