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Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse! RUN!

After Blazingburner115 finished building his base, it looked awesome.
He made himself a wooden sword and made a nice wooden pickaxe.

Then the first thing Blazingburner115 did after he made the pickaxe was to use it.
He quickly minded through some coal and stone.

He then quickly crafted a stone pickaxe and mined up some iron ore.
After that Blazingburner115 crafted a furnace and smelted his iron ore into iron ingots and crafted an iron pickaxe.

Then, all of a sudden, the ground shook and Blazingburner115 was startled.

Urrghh! Urrghh! Urrghh!

He climbed up the ladders to the entrance and he looked up.
Zombies were everywhere!

Blazingburner115 was scared and afraid of what will happen next.
So the first thing he did was get his weapons and started to mine with his wooden pickaxe or stone.
He mined more iron, coal and he even found some Redstone and gold!

Blazingburner115 made an iron chest plate and an iron helmet.
He looked cooler than ever!

Quickly, Blazingburner115 mined further
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down and mined some more stuff.
All of a sudden, his trapdoor broke and Zombies came climbing in!

Urrghh! Urrghh!

BLazingburner has never been so scared.
But he reminded himself,
I still have armor and weapons!

So he decided to fight back.

‘Hiya!’ he said while swinging his iron sword.

Soon, Skeletons came down too.
Well, they can’t climb, so they just fell down and damaged themselves!
Blazingburner115 was very scared when a Creeper fell down too!

But this time it wasn’t a dull dark cave!
It was a brand new base!


The explosion didn’t do damage to the wall, Blazingburner was relieved.

But it did make a deep crater!
He got so angry and striked his sword at every foe, shot arrows at every skeletons he saw, and twenty minutes later, he killed so much mobs they are spawning everywhere.

Skeletons were now running away, Zombies are dying, and Spiders are hissing like the Creepers!

Blazingburner115 had enough of Creepers blowing up, Zombies groaning, Skeletons running away and
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Spiders hissing so he quickly crafted an iron trapdoor, wooden button and then placed the trapdoor to fill in the hole and he placed the button beside the trapdoor so nothing else can get in.

After a while of swings, shots and painful hits, Blazingburner115 finally managed to kill all the hostile mobs and just stayed in his base until the zombie apocalypse was over.
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