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Attack of the Minecraft mobs

Minecraft Mobs attacked blazingburner115....

One dark night in Minecraft, BLazingburner115, a Minecraft player spawned in a deep dark cave.
He tried to get out, but Zombies, Cave Spiders, Creepers and Skeletons were everywhere!

Blazingburner115 had no choice but to fight his way out or dig out.
He had no tools, equipment or any weapons so the least risky was to dig out.

Since Blazingburner115 was making a loud noise while digging, Zombies came over and started the attack.
Many were killed, but Skeletons were also on the attack.

Creepers also heard the attack and hissed.

One exploded and the mobs around it got killed.
Much damage was done on Blazingburner115, but some of the killed mobs dropped armor!

The war is on!

He quickly put on the armor and collected the mob loot.

Blazingburner115 shot an arrow dropped by a Skeleton.
It dealt some damage on the Creeper he shot but the Creeper just hissed.

The Creeper was hit back, so the Creeper only did damage to the hostile mobs.
Some were killed, and even a Creeper was
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It dropped some gunpowder and Blazingburner115 kept it in his inventory.

Fling! Hiya! Urrgh! Twip! Boom!

After most mobs were killed Blazingburner115 had a full inventory.
He had so much food! (Some Zombies drop potatoes or carrots.)

When Blazingburner115 killed the last few mobs he got so much stuff!
He had no more space for anything.

His golden helmet ran out of durability so he put on one of his chainmail helmet.
Blazingburner115 quickly got out of the underground cave and it was daytime.
He punched some trees and went back into the cave.
Blazingburner115 crafted some torches and dug a little base.

He blocked the cave entrance and crafted a trapdoor.
Then, Blazingburner115 made a lot of ladders and placed them on a wall.

He climbed to the top while placing ladders and when he got to the top, he dug up the block of dirt and put the trapdoor where the dirt used to be.

And there.
BLazingburner115’s base is complete.

He put torches all around the place to keep mobs away.
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lit up his new home!
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