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The Husk

A creepypasta

As a child in a small town in Ontario, Canada. The forest was my playground, but this story of how this playground almost took my life. It was late April early May perfect temperature to be outside as my mom always said. I was in the forest near my house with my friends talking and laughing until dusk struck. We didn't mind much though we continued to talk and laugh. Until I heard a whistle like the sound of bird, but it wasn't I could tell. ̈ ̈Hey Olive did you hear that ̈ i said a little shook up ̈heard what ̈ . I thought to myself for a moment im just tired it's getting late we should camp outside that would be fun right. I told the idea to my friend Olive she thought it was brilliant. We build are tent near a clearing on the west side of the forest and Olive and her younger sister kate stayed for the little camp out, but the others left. We stayed up way too late telling ghost stories and scaring each other when Olive told me this. ̈ ̈ Emi you knew that girl Jade right the one that
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lived up the street her body was found in this part of the woods and her eyes were missing ̈ . Just as she finished speaking a chill ran down my spine and i felt a bony hand on my shoulder and a voice in my ear ̈ good job on that one chump it was a splendid snack ̈ i jumped and turned around but nothing was there just the lamp behind me. ̈ What's up Emi you look like you've seen a ghost ̈ Olive giggled. I said I was just tired and kate said she was too so we snuggled up into our sleeping bags and tried to sleep but i couldn't I just couldn't I tossed and turned for what felt like hours until I heard a familiar whistle and a rusle coming from outside. Then i sat up i had no control over this i just sat up I grabbed a flashlight and unzipped the tent and shined the flashlight out into the clearing to look for the man.

Then i saw him the figure I saw. The man was tall and boney and wore a long dirty trench coat he had such long arms that his hands and knuckles were almost on the floor. His
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legs were shorter than his torso he had knobby knees abnormally thick long fingers and big feet. But his face was horrid his eye sockets were so sunken that i couldn't see his eyes his mouth was curled back into an impish smile to show his brown almost black teeth and his nose was turned up so high it looked broken. Then he spoke to his voice was like a child but warped and distorted. ̈ ̈ I'm hungry give me a snack ̈ he grabbed me arm and pulled a spoon out of his pocket. I tried to run away and scream for olive i screamed and screamed but my lips wouldn't open my legs wouldn't move. He lifted the spoon to my face and nothing. I woke on the floor of the clearing covered in something warm and sticky it was dark was it still night why aren't my eyes adjusting why can't i see. The pain in my face was almost unbearable. My body was numb and my legs felt like they had be running all night they were sore. I tried to stand but my legs gave way and I fell back into the warm sticky liquid. When
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I finally stood up, walked a few steps before tripping over something warm. A body what happened what's going on. Then I heard his voice ̈all will be well we you get refreshed your strengths are my strength¨ ¨what's going on¨” laugh help me laugh I heard a scream and the sound of police and ambulances and crying. The click of handcuffs and i felt something cold on my wrist doors shutting behind me and i felt padded floors under me and the sound of pills and flashing cameras questions and diagnoses my mom calls my name guilty what i'm guilty it wasn't me it was that man ask that man the chair click clack a helmet on my head a sponge a wet one a strap that hurts ones on my legs. The mans chilling whistle behind me.
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