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Accused Of Murder

Emery's being accused of murder

I watched Carlos lift himself from his chair, his feet shuffling himself around the cramped room. I could feel my smirk stretch, irritating Carlos even more.

"We have no evidence. Of you or anyone else being at fault. The chief-" Carlos let out a deep sigh, running a calloused hand through his graying hair. "-The chief thinks that if we talk to someone who actually has been at the scene of a crime-more than once might I add-then he'll be able to figure out who it is."

I scoffed, crossing my arms. "That's complete and utter shit logic, Carlos. 'Oh, lets bring a completely innocent woman into custody because she's spray painted a few buildings'." I forced my voice lower, attempting to imitate the chief, Vince.

Carlos gave me a pointed look, sitting back in his char. "You've done more than vandal a few buildings, Em."

"That is still completely besides the point. The point is, is that you think having a petty thief and vandal like me will help you with catching a murderer. Well, news flash, Carlos, that's not how this fucking works." I flicked a few pieces of hair out of my face, leaning back in my seat as I leveled Carlos with a glare.

Carlos sighed, going to open the door. He turned back before he left, giving me a
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good view of the room behind the door. Vince stood there with a glare. I stuck my tongue out with him.

"I know the logic doesn't work, but it's the only thing we've got." I turned my eyes to my old guardian. He gave me a pleading look, which I pointedly ignored.

"I want my lawyer." Was all that left my mouth before the door was being slammed.
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