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Charlie Days

Carson, has to figure out how to raise Charlie.

Charlie Days



Carson's eyes roamed over the white tree, stark against the pitch-black sky. He slid his thumb down the side of his coffee cup.


Carson turned from the window to see Charlie standing in the doorway of the living room. She pulled on the front of the tshirt she had insisted on wearing to bed.

“You’re supposed to be in bed, Charlie. What do you need?” he whispered. He set down his coffee mug and padded over to her. She raised her hands and he hoisted her little self onto his hip. She was growing everyday, but she still was the smallest little girl in her preschool class.

Charlie fidgeted with the collar of his shirt. “I got scared. I had a, a dream.”

“What happened in it?” He carried her up the stairs carefully and slowly. All he could think was, don’t drop her, don’t you dare drop her.

“You took me to the park, and then went-went to the store, but you...You didn’t come back for me.” She stared
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at the snowman nightlight in the hallway that she had refused to let Carson take down no matter how many times he tried to. It had became such a part of the décor by now that Carson sometimes forgot about it.

“Mm, that would be scary.” He switched her weight to just one arm, so he could get one arm free. He eased open her bedroom door. “But, that would never happen, sweetheart.”

“I know,” she mumbled into his neck where she had buried herself.

“And, I'm not your dad, Charlie.” At first Charlie didn’t say anything. He placed her on her bed, moving her stuffed animals in next to her, nestling them under her arms.

“I know.” She stared into her little hands. Little fidgeting hands. He couldn’t stop staring at them. The nervous energy.

She threw her hands out and cried, “But why? You pick me up from school, you hug me and make me feel better! You buy me polkie dot boots!” She threw her hand out and pointed. He followed her finger to her new, yellow with blue and green polka dots.
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Polkie dots.

“That doesn’t make me your dad.” He found a smile coming to his lips even through the heavy feeling in his heart. Carson moved her stuffed Eevee and settled in next to Charlie. She scooted a little to make room and then resumed twisting her fingers. “That makes me your guardian. Your dad, is someone who helped your mom make you. What I do for you...It is important. It means I love you. But it doesn’t mean I'm your father.”

“And my dad...Doesn’t love me?”

Curse those big innocent eyes that always knew exactly what to ask to break his heart. Carson sighed long and deep and looked to the roof. “Well, I don’t know that. All I know, is he didn’t want to be a dad. And it has nothing to do with you. He’s just...Just stupid.”

Charlie giggled and shoved his arm a little. “That’s a bad word.”

Carson laughed a little too, and put his arm around her. “So that’s what that school is teaching you. Is...Idiot a bad word too?”

“I dunno that word.” She snuggled into his side and
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closed her eyes. “Can I call you daddy? That’s what all my friends call the boys who pick them up.”

He paused for a second. He ran a hand down her head, smoothing down her flyaway hairs. Her hair was so light and wispy, had been since she was a baby. “No, I don’t think that'll be okay. Your dad is your dad, and I am your Uncle Carson.” He waited to see if she would accept that, and just feared the day she asked how he was her uncle, and he would have to say he wasn’t. But uncle...Just made more sense than dad did. She had one biological father, and it wasn’t him. A person could have tens of uncles. It had especially felt right when she was a toddler and could barely talk anyway. Come to Uncle Carson! He just hoped he made the right choice.
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