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Number 4

The kids with powers. Kids who are wanted killed

Chapter 1
The searing pain in her left arm was too much to handle. She dropped to her knees to the soft carpeted floor, her long red har falling in her face while clutching her left arm to her chest as tears ran down her face. Soon it was not just her left arm her whole body felt like it was on fire she felt as if she was burning alive. But just as soon as the pain started it stopped sending a chill up her spine. She looked down to her arm to see a black tattoo-like image of the number 10 appear on her arm. It looked eerily similar to the number 4 on her other arm.

As soon as she regained her lost strength she got up from her knees still clutching her left arm to her chest and slowly walked down the hallway listening to the way some of the old oak floorboards creek. She walked down the stairs and turned left to go to her parents' bedroom. She was trembling as she lightly knocked on the old wooden door. She looked down at her bare feet waiting for the door to open. After a few seconds
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she heard the turn of the rusty door knob as well as the ear piercing screech from the door opening. She looked up glad to see her father she loved so much. “River..?” the man said clearly, still sleepy. He glazed over to his nightstand to check the time. The clock read 3:33AM. “What are you doing up so late?” the man questioned with a rasp in his voice making sure to whisper do not wake up his wife

“I don't know Papa…I was woken by a fire-like feeling in my left arm that slowly spread throughout my body..?” River said with a stutter and the stinging pain of tears filling her eyes not wanting to remember what happened just minutes ago.

The father looked down at his trembling daughter's figure. The feeling of fear filling his body making a silver go down his spine. “Sweetie, can I see your arm please.” The father said, reaching out his hand for his daughter to put her arm in. River slowly nodded, reaching out her shaking arm and putting it down in her fathers hand. The feeling of his
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warm, rough and filling her with the feeling of safety and content, River almost forgetting what happened earlier that night. The father took his eyes off his daughter's electric blue like eyes and traced them down to her arm with the number 4 on it. He traced over the tattoo-like number on her arm with his large, rough fingers making her giggle from the ticklish feeling filling her arm.

River looked up to see a mix of emotions in her fathers eyes that looked just like hers. Worry filled rivers stomach the feeling of butterflies arouse in her stomach. “Papa…?” she asked, furrowing her thin brown eyebrows, a crinkle forming in between them. “Why do you look so scared?” She continued worried as to what is wrong. The father let go of her arm his hand rising to pat her long soft brown hair smiling as it reminded him of his wife's hair. “River, let 's go to the kitchen and get you some water.” he said taking his daughter's hand and walking out of the doorway to the kitchen the sound of bare
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feet hitting the wood floor echoing through the silent house.

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