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Secrets we don't tell

Love is beautiful unless it's built on a lie

Broken woods

Walking alone in the dark forest, Lana rubbed her arms. It was indeed very cold at 3 am. “Why did I even agree to come here? Ugh now I got lost,” Lana talked to herself. For sure right now she was regretting listening to her friends. Sighing maybe for the nth time, she looked around trying to see where her friends were camping. Hearing some noises, she immediately stopped walking and looked around.
“Who is there?” she asked, frightened. Hearing no response, she squinted her eyes, trying to see if someone was there or she heard things. Not seeing anything, she walked again. “Maybe I am hallucinating,” she said to herself. Pushing away the long branches of the fallen trees, she made her way to the middle of the path. Looking around, she could only see the fog, nothing else. The cold breeze touched her skin, bringing so many shivers to her fragile body.
“God why is it so cold?” She hugged herself, hoping to receive some warmth. “Now where should I go? That path doesn’t look too
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good…” she turned her head to the right. “And this doesn’t look too good either. Maybe I should walk back, I might find the way back to the camp.” Her steps halted again once she heard something. She didn’t know what was there but she knew it wasn’t anything good. “Who is there…?” she said. Hearing no reply, she spoke louder. “I asked who is there!? Show yourself!” she didn’t know from where this confidence came but she didn't feel that scared right now, but that didn’t last long.
As soon as she saw a big, tall silhouette, her knees weakened. Her face became pale, making the silhouette smirk. That thing began to walk in her direction. It felt how her heartbeat increased, it gave him satisfaction to know that she was scared. Tripping over a fallen branch, Lana fell on the ground. The guy’s smirk widened, seeing she was now helpless. Approaching her, his glowing eyes never left her figure. Slowly analyzing her, he could see how small and fragile she was, but despite this she was exactly how
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he liked. His perfect prey. Lana crawled back, trying to get away from this situation. “God please help me,” she prayed in her mind. Feeling helpless, she just prayed that this won’t be her end. She has so many things to do in life, she can’t die now.
Seeing the tall guy was bending at her height, she closed her eyes, being scared to look at the guy. “P-Please.. Don’t touch me..” her voice was low and shaky. The guy grinned, liking so much how she reacted. Before he could speak, his body was yanked away from the frightened girl.
“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?” Simon screamed at Damien, as they were far away from her.
“What?” Damien said, standing up while rubbing his shoulder.
“How could you interact with her!? You know damn well you shouldn’t do it!” Simon continued to scold him.
“How about you shut your mouth, hm?” Damien said, pushing Simon back a bit. “I can do whatever I want. You are no one for me to stop understood? Stay in your limits.” Damien said, glaring at Simon.
“Damien, I'm
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saying this for your own good. Stop interacting with her.” Simon said.
“Or you want me to stay away from her so that you can have her? You want her don’t you?” Damien said, looking at Simon who was shaking his head. "That's how all people like you act."
“I don’t even know her, plus I want you to be safe. Your naughty ass always gets into trouble.” Simon made his point clear. “I will bring her back to her camp. Dare to follow us or see her again.” Simon said, leaving. Damien’s jaw clenched hearing Simon’s words.
Walking back to the same spot, Simon found Lana limping while walking away from that spot. “Hey hey don’t go there,” Simon said, looking at Lana. Getting startled she immediately looked at him. “W-Who are you..?” she said, looking at him.
“I won’t hurt you, don’t worry,” he said. “I walked past and I saw your camp. Your friends are worried about you. I saw them searching for someone so I am guessing they are looking for you. I will bring you back to them. Come with me."
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