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Book written by PercySlayer

Paranormal Bureau of Investigation

Percy, a non-binary vampire.

Percy looked down at their bloodied hands, the cow in front of them absolutely decimated, red spots tainting the previously green grass a sickly shade with blood. Before, this would have been disgusting, enough to make Percy break down, but now that a set of pearly white canines poked past their pale lips, it was a delicious sight, reeling them in and begging to be tasted. Percy grimaced and wiped their hands on their pretty turquoise blouse, not caring for the trouble they’d be in later. They had to figure out how to get the stains out eventually. “Crap,” Percy muttered, licking the pearls of blood off their fingertips, very unsympathetic towards the life they just ended. Cow’s blood was tasty, and Percy would rather live. It wasn’t too different from hamburgers, right?
Standing and dusting off their pants (which, smeared more blood on the clothing, doing more harm than good), they said a small thank you to the cow and ran with superhuman speed towards the direction of their lovely Texan
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home, flying past acres of farmland as they tried to keep their midnight snack in their stomach. When he arrived, he tapped delicately on the window of their brother’s bedroom, signaling him to let Percy in. Lucas came into view, teasing Percy and refusing to open the window, much to their annoyance. The lycan just snickered, and opened the window after a moment of relentless bullying.
Lucas was 100% lycan at birth, having been born under the brightness of a blue moon. The gene known as luna lupum causes the transformation no matter the species of the parents. Of course, lycan’s birth lycans and can turn humans as well, but it was usually frowned upon to turn humans unless stated otherwise.
With Vampires, it was the same, but under a blood moon, and the gene was known as nox creatura, the gene that created the cursed night species that Percy and their parents disliked so much. Lycan and Vamps didn’t get along, this was a well known fact, mostly because
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Lycan blood was a delicacy in the night world.
“On a scale of 1 to ‘let’s eat my brother,’ how hungry are you?”
“Suddenly I’m starving,” Percy muttered, and Lucas shot them a nervous glare.
Percy ignored him and climbed through the window, reaching under their shirt to adjust the binder they were wearing, feeling the DIY dig into their skin. “You should take that off at night,” Lucas whispered to them, careful not to wake up their parents as Percy walked through the doorless entryway to their room. “It’s not healthy to keep it on 24/7.” Percy glared. “Or what? It’ll crush my indestructible ribs? Suffocate me by taking the air I don’t need?” He asked sarcastically, and Lucas frowned. “I mean, I guess not… I’m just… used to you being my fragile little sis- sibling.” Lucas corrected, shrinking slightly under the death glare that Percy gave him.
“Honestly, man. You’re trans. You should, of all people, get pronouns right.” Percy chuckled dryly, and Lucas cringed. “I know, I know, but then again,
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I misgender myself sometimes, like Amethyst.” Lucas froze, immediately regretting their words.
Percy flinched. Amethyst was Percy’s girlfriend at the time, and the person who turned them three months ago. They rubbed their fingers against the two crescent scars that were on his neck, courtesy of Amethyst, and Percy felt his eyes prick with non-existent tears. They had been so wrapped up in the beautiful yet bitchiness that was Amethyst, that he completely ignored the dangers of dating a blood-thirsty creature of the night. Percy heard Lucas sneak into bed, and soon snoring could be heard. They felt a pang of jealousy. Lucky Lucas, the Lycan that could just sleep away all their troubles, unlike Percy, who’s supernatural body forced them to stay awake all hours of the day, unable to partake in such human behaviors.
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