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Fates intertwined

Freya and Jacqueline falls into another dimension

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The 31th day in July once a year at night with a full moon something exquisite happens at the Lyanne Lake. But only the Lake itself may decide who is worthy of it's grace. Only when midnight begins a portal to a forgotten land opens in one minute.
But never have two people at the same time been blessed by the Lake to enter. That was until now...
Freya and Jacqueline were both chosen for something great, coincidence? I think not, rather fate.
They both get sucked in by the portal into another dimension and meets a man named Kain. He explains that they were chosen by the Lake to defeat Callisto who has taken over the land called Valendale. Only together they will succeed with their quest.
Will these two be able to work together and save Valendale or make the whole situation even worse? Only time will tell...
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Chapter 1: A new start - Freya Witlock
Once again my alarm clock has disturbed my peace. In agony I turned off it's irritating sound and got out of bed. I opened my phone and realized that it wasn't just a ordinary day, it was Friday. Like in Sophies party Friday. Shit. I totally forgot about that.
I shook it off and put on my school uniform, later on I called August, my boyfriend.
Faye:- Hey, how long until you're at my house?
August:- Not long why, you miss me?
I laughed a bit.
Faye:- Oh stop it, I'll see you in a bit.
I hung up, took my bag and before I knew it I heard Augusts car pulling up, I hurried outside to greet him.
August:- You ready babe?
Faye:- Yeah let's go.
Several hours later on lunch break Sophie gathered the group to talk about the party. The party was going to be at one of her parents houses outside. PS Sophies parents are really rich so a pool and everything was to expect of course.
Suddenly Jacqueline walked past our table, as in Jacqueline Astor. I've never seen her
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hanging out with anyone so she's kind of a loner I suppose. But she is kind of mean to people sometimes so it isn't that surprising. Thus I've also heard a lot of rumors about her...
Sophie:- Hey! Faye you there?
Faye:- Oh sorry I was just thinking about what to wear at the party.
Sophie:- Anyway, invite everyone you can I want this to be the biggest party ever! Ah lunch is ending soon I'll see you guys at the party.
I walked to class still lost in my own mind, I don't really feel like drinking and partying today. Whatever, Sophie will probably let me sleep over if I get too drunk and August will be there too. Damn it, I forgot my pen again. God I'm hopeless. I quickly turned around and bumped into someone, it was Jacqueline Astor.
Freya:- Oh my god I'm sorry I didn't mean to crash into you.
Jacqueline:- You're Freya right?
Long time since I heard someone call me by that name. Almost forgot what my real name was, is that bad?
Freya:- Yeah that's me, most people call me Faye though...
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suddenly remembered what Sophie said.
Freya:- By the way there's this party today at 8pm if have nothing better to do then you should definitely come.
The bell started ringing, damn it, this really isn't my day.
Freya:- Shit! I really gotta go now but check Sophies Instagram she's posted everything you need to know.
I started running to my locker without staying for her reply, time is precious and so is my math grade. Somehow I got through the day with my math grade intact and finally it was 8pm.
I wonder if Jacqueline is actually gonna show up, probably not, sorry Sophie I tried my best. The hours flew by quite quick at first, it was actually a little fun. At 10 pm August arrived I was even surprised myself when it had been 2 hours and I hadn't even started drinking. But with August showing up I knew that was going to change for sure.
August was really good at getting the party started, with him arriving so did the energy. We talked, had fun, everything was great. Until he suddenly disappeared. There he was, in the living room with Jessica Hill making out. Cheating.
Neither of them noticed me until my voice broke out.
Freya:- August...
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