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False Memories

It's hard to keep going when you lose a loved one.

I slowly walk to the edge of the cliff, dazed, as if in a trance. Looking down I see the water, churning and deadly. My entire body is trembling, terrified by what I’m about to do. Slowly and carefully, I take her picture out of my pocket. The wind whips at my body, almost tearing the picture from my hand. I place her image against my chest and take a deep breath, inhaling the salty scent of the sea. I lift my head to the sky, closing my eyes, and wrapping her sweater tighter around my body. Thoughts and memories of her assault my mind, making it hard to breathe. I desperately gasp for air before realizing that I don’t want to breathe. With that thought I jump off the cliff, and fall toward the water. The wind rushes past me, ripping at my hair and clothes. All thoughts leave my mind before I finally hit what feels like solid ground. The last thing I see is her picture floating in the water before the world goes black.
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