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War World Eight

Chapter One:

Woof! Woof!
Logan rolled to the side of his bed. His bed was a mattress full of straw. He stared at the brown eyes of a Border Collie. Logan had conceived his mother to get him a dog because it would be good for herding their sheep on their farm. His dog was only ten weeks old and he was still training it.
“You have to go pee now?” He groaned.
The dog barked and wagged its tail. He got out of bed and grabbed the leash and his cell phone and an inhaler from the table. Stuck his cell phone and inhaler inside of his oversized grey sweatpants. Clipped the leash onto the dog’s red collar. He left his bedroom and put on his shoes. Carefully, he shut the front door not to wake up his mother. Outside, it was cold and he shiver.
Adora better makes this quick, He thought.
Adora pulled the leash towards the tree. The tree is her favourite place to go. He yawned and rubbed his eyes. Adora saw a brown rabbit out of the bush. Adora pulled so hard on the leash that Logan let go out
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of the leash. Adora chased after the rabbit that was headed towards the forest.
“Adora!” Logan yelled. Logan ran after Adora in the forest. He ran but Adora was faster than him. He bent down with his hands on his knees, his breathing was shallow. Reached into his pocket and pulled out his inhaler and took a puff from it. He looked up and realized Adora was out of his sight.
“Adora!” He yelled. He ran and keep shouting Adora over and over again. After half of searching for his dog, he heard barking. He ran towards the sound of barking and he saw Adora. Adora was rolling around in the dirt, she had given up on her chase for the rabbit.
“Silly, dog.” He picked up the leash. Adora was panting, she was exhausted after chasing the rabbit. He took out his cell phone from his pocket to check the time. He looked at the Dynasty Tower, it had its solar power lights were shining.
Whoosh. It sounded like the whirring of wings. He pressed recorded and pointed his cell phone at the Dynasty Tower.
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He saw the plane it looked like a strategic bomber it had six turbo engines. The plane’s bottom hatch open and dropped a bomb. The bomb hit the tower’s navy blue metal tile roof. The bomb exploded, and a beam of blue-white light shot through the air. Ka-boom! Logan’s eardrums ached from the sharp, piercing noise of the windows shattering. The plane sped away.
The fire erupted. Glowing flames were a colourful mixture of bright red and deep orange. The flames danced, and everything they touched turned into ash. 
Logan gasped. This fire is immense; not even hell would have enough room for it. Tears streamed down his light skin cheeks.
A mushroom cloud rose five thousand feet into the air. The black smoke was so thick, that it was impossible to see the stars in the midnight blue sky. 
­ Blue bricks flew everywhere. Thud! bricks smashed into pieces as they landed on the ground. There was a sharp, piercing noise as the windows shattered. Fragments of glass littered everything. Black debris
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covered the grass like a thick blanket of snow. Logan blinked multiple times and walk backwards. Adora was barking mad. His mouth was dry and he tasted black ash.
The tower had been six hundred meters tall, but now it stood no taller than ten feet of rubbled bricks. The roof collapsed; tiles had sunken into the ground. The fire only grew, becoming more deranged.
He stood trembling and he stopped recording. He dialled 911. Shaking he held the phone up to his ear.
“911, what’s your emergency?”
“Dy-Dyn-Dynasty T-To-Tower B-Bombed.”
“What? Is this a prank?"

“No. I am going to send you pictures of it.”
He hung up his cell phone. With his cellphone, he took photos and send them to 911. He received a text message.
Emergency service is on its way.
He sighed in relief. With the sleeve of his blue sweater, he wiped the sweat off his eyebrow. The fire was dangerous, he couldn’t stay here any longer. He spun around and ran back home with Adora.
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