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The Unknown

Dolly's father is hiding a sinister secret

Hands in pockets, hood pulled over her brown curls, she continued walking down the wet, damaged road, the grey of the nighttime sky casting darkness over the scene. The things her father had told her were all she could think about, the very thoughts that had shaken her deeply to her core. But she suddenly stopped to a halt, the girl of seventeen having a realization.

Why did my dad tell me now? She was having a normal day just like any other. She had woken up from her determined alarm set at six that morning. The teen had quickly taken a hot shower, changed into her favorite plain tank-top and loose fitted blue jeans. She then made breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast for her dad and herself, and grabbed her jacket before getting picked up by her boyfriend for the last day of school. But when she arrived back home, her dad had the aged luggage all packed and told her the news. Why now?

Having been ordered to leave immediately, she wasn’t to return home. But what had happened
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while she was at school for her father to make such a conclusion? Since the age of two, the girl had lived with only her father after her mom had passed away. That hadn’t changed until but an hour ago when she told the news. But why now?

Not until a moment ago did she grasp what that meant. The girl would no longer be able to see any of her friends, as they lived too far away to visit on foot; but that wasn’t her main dilemma. With the distance too great, her boyfriend of two years was also out of walking radius.

Not only was she presently separated from her dad, but now she was detached from her friends. Her school friends would never understand why she was no longer living at home and she would become like a piranha; utterly alone... Who’d want to associate with the homeless girl?

Then there was her love, River. How could she tell him what was happening when she didn’t know herself? Big fat tears started to roll down Dolly’s face and she started to slowly walk again. The sound
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of her surroundings didn’t register in her mind. The honking of a car horn, the yelling of boys down the road scrambling to get out of the rain that had begun to fall in earnest a few minutes ago. The wet spikes that were falling on Dolly’s body and were seeping into her clothes. Nothing was fazing her deep thoughts.
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