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Dark and Bright

Fairy's on Earth.

Chapter One-

Her fiery wings illuminated in the night sky, blackening and curling at the tips of each feather as she spoke. “I have watched her well, Dark Winged. She has the valor to go after her parents dreams.”
The Dark Winged stood before her, his skin as white as the serrated wings blooming from the small of his back. “Her parents are stranded. And so will she be, if you are right about her potential.”
Amaris nodded courteously, though her eyes clouded from the truth coming from out of the Dark Winged's wine red lips. “I understand.” She remarked, her voice unsentimental despite the protests surfacing at her tongue.
The Dark Winged was unresponsive as his cosmic wings began to move rapidly, the moonlight scintillating around his toned figure.
Amaris' periwinkle eyes enlarged as she observed his stature hovering in the moonlight, and soon, his vivid figure fluttered into the depths of the vast, inky sky.

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Chapter Two-

Eloise soared through the sky, flashing her glistening wings towards the twinkling stars with a euphoric sense of freedom. She was carried by the frigid winds in twisting motions, the fields underneath her hidden by the illuminated clouds, and somehow, she felt safe.
Eloise closed her eyelids, her brows furrowing as Eloise' pointed ears echoed the sounds of the lively winds back to her. She was at home, embraced by freedom and magic and the dances of the stars. Embraced by crisp winds and the empowering effect of moonlight.
A sudden outburst of pain shot throughout her ears, and her eyes flashed open. She threw her hands to her earlobes, silver tears forming in her periwinkle eyes as a wheeze escaped from her lips. There were voices in the winds. Or, maybe, they were in the fields. She heard two pitches, but one repeated through the skies, it's core filled with a dark intensity. Her ears were particularly sensitive to sound, but never had she heard a voice so compelling
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from so far away.
Her wings began to falter, her arms prickling with goosebumps as she fell into the clouds. The voices intensified, and now, instead of a blur of words, she could hear the phrases.
“Her parents are stranded. And so will she be, if you are right about her potential.” The voice echoed in her ears.
Another, who's voice sounded normal in Eloise' ears, whispered back, “I understand.”
And, with that, she fell. The cloud that held her vanished, and as her arms were pushed towards the stars by the wind, she remembered. The clouds will only save you once, and ten seconds later, they won't be there to save you, at all.
The sky was silent then, as if observing her from a distance. Wind burst threw every bone in her body, leaving her blood chilling and eyes piercing. Eloise was going to die, but everything was quiet. It was as if she was watching her own body fall from a distance. Her brain counted the seconds till her body hit the fields, and her bones stiffened. The wings
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at her back sputtered to life.
Eloise closed her eyes, letting every push of the wind take her down faster. Her arms opened, embracing the sky and slowly mimicking her immovable wings by her sides.
And, once the sweet, sharp smell of grass hit her nostrils, Eloise' eyes flared open, and her wings thrusted upward. She willed herself to touch the stars displayed in her periwinkle eyes. She willed herself to fly towards the scintillating moon, and, dear god, to not hit the ground. And now, the wind followed her. Eloise swooped down into the fields, her brain thoughtless as she slowly dropped into the mellow grass. Her breath was ragged, her hair sticky with sweat. Two words sounded through her ears before the world turned black.
“Oh, Eloise.” A familiar voice whispered from far away.
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