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ourlives in a nutshell

the story I’m about to write has happed in all of our lives, once, twice, three, four, five times maybe, it is still happing again and again.
You can be someone who doesn’t trust anyone else.
you believe in friendship; believe in the theory that there is a feeling called love like in friends’ series. You believe betrayal happens only in movies and it’s not very real, because the truth is love forever and friendship forever happens only in movies. In real life, where we live, all the horrible and hurtful things happen and we've got to learn how to deal with them.
It all starts when we are babies; we grow up and go to school to be educated, to be complete, to become smart, to make our future, to learn how to be sensitive and how to understand people.
The truth is we learn how the world rejects us,
We grow up to find how lonely we are,
We realize family comes second, even if we thought it was always the first.

Meanwhile, we realize our friends are present in our lives to enjoy someone
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or something other than us.
Maybe, the universe has paid money to watch us suffer, to watch how we survive the problems, heartbreaks, disappointment, sadness, emotional damages and so many others.
Or, do we even survive?
The world wants you to ache in every way possible, struggle with earnings, struggle with love, friendship, identity, where you were born, discrimination, the color of your skin, religion, race, and state of mind.
And at the end it’s called life.
People say: "well, what are you going to do? that’s life, that's how you become mature, that’s what it does!"
It has been normalized by people, it is also being normalized: the weaker you are, you should agonize more, you deserve to.
Weak mentally or physically.
I don’t know if that’s a rule of the universe but it is true.
Somehow, people who go by that rule succeed. Somehow, if you don’t play it right, you lose, you lose pretty hard.
You become a monster born to prevent everyone to fulfill their destiny, keep them away by playing
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according to the rule book, the world and the society rule book.
People put on a welcome mat for you but deep down inside, they want you not to welcome.
People try to be worried about you but they're just worried you go out to be better than them, so they decide to watch you stay as miserable as you are, as broken and sad and lonely as you are.
I know how they are!
I know how they get away with being an untrue figure to friends, their loved ones, as someone who genuinely cares about them.
They try their best to hide their true disgusting selves, by being kind and caring, though deep inside they don’t care if they leave you, if they hurt you.
They support you through every thick and thin, lie easily to tell you what you want to hear, but the end is when they let go of their demons; all of a sudden, everything that you thought was accepted by them comes around and works in the opposite direction for you; therefore, you are the one to blame.
They hurt you as hard as they can and leave you
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at your worst because you were trying to stop their show, the show called practice of a fake person in life.

The sad ending is, no matter how hard you try to stay faithful, humble, true and peaceful,
these people are the winners of the game, these people are the chosen ones, these people accomplish and can reach everything they desire.
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