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Who am I?Why do I have no idea where the pasta is?

Veronica was sleeping, holding a blanket between her legs and hugging a voluminous pillow, unaware of the fact that her name was included in the title of the novel. Thus, she had no idea that the novel even existed. She should have woken up, but couldn’t, as she went to bed late yesterday. So, let's not disturb her for now and use this time to clear up some ambiguities.
Dear reader, welcome to chapter 0/4. Yes, this diamond and the inverted three mean usual and familiar to everyone 0 and 4. The chapters are simply numbered in Arabic numerals. Real Arabic numerals, not that stuff that everyone got used to thinking of as ones. This work is a bit interactive, which, however, is not an unusual technique that hangs on almost every piece of art like a spoiler on a tractor, however, it really corresponds to the style and mood. Nevertheless, this novel cannot be called truly interactive, since in this case interactivity would be the main technique, but it will be rarely used. So why is it brought
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up in the “zero slash four” chapter? It's simple: right now, you will have to make one of three decisions.
Decision one: you keep reading chapter zero/four and run the risk of not understanding what is happening at all, and why exactly you are reading this, since this chapter does not contain that essential setup for the plot.
Decision two: you scroll down, right to the first chapter, and only after the third chapter come back here. The advantage of this is that, having read to the end of the third chapter, you will put the puzzle together in your mind, and maybe even earlier, which, you see, is always pleasant.
Decision three: you close this book and put it off until better times, or forever. No judgment, for sure. (Yeah, but, you know, didn't your parents teach you not to judge a book by its cover? Just kidding.)
Well? Have you decided yet? Let's go then! Through the raging seas of reality to the story of our character, no matter what chapter it begins for you.
And the heroine
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had just opened her eyes. Antonina, as always at this time, had already left for work, leaving a note on a yellow sticker glued to the headboard. “Good morning, honey!” - said the ink on the little square of paper.
The girl got up, pulled on her shorts and set off on a long journey to the kitchen. Despite the fact that she was starving, she couldn’t get there that quickly no matter how she wanted, as the corridors were too long. Welcome to the realities of apartments in Stalin-era buildings.
Veronica was eating yogurt for breakfast, putting her smartphone in the shorts pocket. She liked to gradually join the world, looking out the window at the Strugatsky Brothers Square and monotonously dissolving the contents of a bottle. It was sunny, Moskovsky Prospect was run across by groups of children who had cut classes. Spring was in its prime unlike Veronica. She didn’t have that much strength. It wasn’t connected to the recent awakening at all, but with the feeling of her uselessness. Indeed.
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Before Antonina disappeared, Veronica had both work and study. And now they were gone. This led her into excessive and unreasonable melancholy, at least because she couldn’t get where and why work and study left her life. She was Ok with the study though, but her job...
Having finished the third jar, Veronica took out her phone and tapped Instagram out of habit. Alas, there was absolutely nothing to do, since she had forgotten the password. It’s unpleasant, but she couldn't help it: what’s forgotten is forgotten. Then the girl went to YouTube and poked at the first video she saw. It was about Putin. Lately, almost any video had been about Putin. Like any meme. This is the Internet, honey. It's actually amazing how quickly you get involved in politics when there is nothing else to do. Having been idle for only a week, Veronica had already memorized all the ministers and moved on to ordinary deputies. Although, probably, the lack of social networks had its influence here.
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