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A Murderer Looking for her lost parents

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Most of you might know me as Evanora, some might know me the freak girl, the murder. My all-time favorite is the Fiery Assassin. I grew up in the hidden village of Lahandris. Life as a kid was great, I played with all of the younger kids in my village. Especially the boys. I was always chasing the boys. My parents were always out leaving the village fighting for the small army that we had. They were the best fighters known. One day they left for another war with our biggest enemy, they said their goodbyes and told me that they would be back before I could say the word "I love you too." Weeks went by and they never showed up, little by little I lost everything. The house the guards, My maids, everything. I had no money left to buy food, I was starved to death. I began to think that they had forgotten about me, and soon I thought that they died in battle. After months of waiting the army came back. The head general came looking for me. His name was General Othniel. "Evanora My dear... Your
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parents," He said, dipping his head down in sorrow. "Are they dead?!" I asked, tears already surfing. "Ah, No, They have been missing, we assumed that our enemy has captured them but we searched everywhere," he said, looking me in the eye. Part of me wanted to hit him for lying, but the other part knew that he was telling the truth. I cried, I felt like I should have done something to help. I decided to leave the village, which has never been done before. I waited till night came then headed towards the special place my parents has told me. There I found a boat, this boat had nothing in it except a paddle and a life jacket. I spent days and nights on the sea. I slept with one eye open just in case they come looking for me but they never did. It was in the middle of the night when I arrived at an unknown place. I staggered off the boat starving and thirsty. I walked around till I found a dark ally with boxes and old newspapers. I made myself a little home and slept even though I was hungry.
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when dawn broke, I woke up to chanting, it sounded like a school. I followed the noise to see a huge building with a very large field of students holding a stick. for every beat, they moved their sticks with rhythm. I watched mesmerized at the front gate. ever since then every morning I would visit the school and watch, then repeat what I learned to myself in the woods when night came. Soon I forgot all about food, I knew that I was skinny and had no more meat on my body but there was no way I was going to steal anything from a place that I don't know. One day of watching I was caught. A man that looked like he was in his early 30's called me over. I was so scared I froze. I thought that I was going to get sent to jail, more or less get the death penalty. I didn't know the rules, and I didn't want to get into trouble. The man came over and opened the gate. "I see you every day by the gate young girl." He said in his deep voice. " would you like to join the lessons?" He asked, taking my
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hand and leading the way in. I brush my long dirty hair out of my face and said, "I don't have any money to pay." The man looked at my serious face then chuckled. "There's no need, you are going to be my guest," he said as he led me through the group of kids with the sticks. I watched as we approached the building doorway. We entered and it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It was filled with crystals and gold, flowers and rubies."welcome to the University of Umbre." He said, smiling ear to ear. The man told me to sit and wait as he talk to another group of people who keep glancing in my direction. I was nervous, this place looked elegant and not a place for a dirty intruder like me. I was about to get up and run when the man came back smiling. "Follow me," he said, heading towards the long staircases. I glanced one more time towards the door, then followed. Too late to turn back now. The man led me to a room. This room was triple the size of the room that I have..
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