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Book written by Alterismo

Project Xeno.

A boy with much potential.

I'm a boy. A boy who stays alone in the dark. I've been locked away by the men. I've always been in my own head, battling my own mind. They told me I was special...That I was different. I've always been silent. I knew fluent English but refused to speak a word. I was known as Xeno.
I could hear the familiar foot steps approaching my door, I covered my ears and sat in the corner. "Please go away." I whispered to myself. The door opened, letting a ray of sunlight shine on me. The sun always caused me problems, it caused my skin to peel. I've grown use to it anyways. "I'm here to help you." A feminine voice answered. A cloak proceeded to cover my body. "You must leave this place Xeno." I didn't say anything, I felt it was a trick.
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"Come." She grabbed me by my hand and ran towards the door. I was scared and afraid. What's beyond the door? What is her plan for me? Will I die? Before I knew it we were outside. I snatched back from her and started running as fast as I could. I could hear foot steps behind me and the sound of twigs and leaves crunching underneath my feet. I eventually came to an alarming stop. "Waterfall." I whispered to myself as I gazed over the ledge. "Hey!" a voice called from behind me. I swiftly turned and grabbed a stick for protection and held it directly in the girl's face. She put her hands up and smiled at me with the softest grin I've ever seen. Nothing about it seemed evil or insidious. She grabbed the end of the stick and slowly put it down. "I want to help you." she whispered to me while looking me in the eye. I dropped the stick and looked over at the waterfall again. "Hey-" she grabbed my shoulder mid sentence, and all at once an explosion went off, causing me and her to fly separate
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directions. I could feel time slow down as I fell off the ledge. I could see her reaching for me as if she needed me that much. "But we are strangers." I could feel normal time restoring as I started to speed up in my fall. I closed my eyes and let my body take control of what happened next. I fell into the water and blanked out, I could feel the currents in the water pushing me around as I found my way upon shore. I felt someone blowing on my face, it was the girl again. I only heard ringing and the frantic voice of this lady I've never met. "Are you ok?!", I opened my eyes and stared at her. "Oh thank goodness." She pulled me up off the ground and dusted me off. I could tell something was wrong, she look like she have been crying about something. We Went on a trail heading the opposite direction of the village. "Xeno, if we're going to do this I need you to talk." I looked down at her with a glare and looked back up and reached for my side. It pained me more than it should've."Are you
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ok?" she reached towards the cut that sat on my stomach. I stepped away and she reached back, "Hey, you can trust me, remember?" I glared at her and tore a piece of the cloak and wrapped it around the cut as tightly as I could to stop the bleeding. "oh." she whispered while putting her hands down. It wasn't my pride that didn't allow me to receive help but my trust issues with humanity. "I saw you in my dreams." I looked down at the girl in confusion. She didn't bother to look at me. "You were so alone and scared. I thought you were just some made up character in my head." I looked away in disbelief. It clearly was a trick to get me to trust her a bit more.
"You- you were so defenseless. The men-" I covered her mouth. "No men." I said as I stared her in her eyes. I could feel the intense mood I've created. I moved my hand and started walking again. "You aren't even human anymore. They changed you so much with all their experiments. You were a test dummy." I pretend I couldn't hear her and kept walking. "Project Xeno." I paused in my tracks and looked back. "I know." I could see her face light up with joy with those 2 simple words.
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