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16 Gigs of ram and pure bliss

Just some ramblings

It was late 2019, a bit after the end of summer. I had put the final part onto my new PC. A nice and large matte black case that my cousin gave me sat on the outside. And on the inside, two summer’s worth of paychecks in component form. A MSI RTX Duke 2080 graphics card, an Intel Core i7 cpu, 16 gigs of RAM, and pure bliss.

All of this really started about 5 years ago. I was sitting in my cousin’s garage, playing ...Halo? Call of duty? some generic first person shooter. We ended up spending a bit of time talking about building a computer after a while, A computer for me specifically. Though it was mostly just talking, it did get me thinking.

Cut to 2 years later, when my cousin came over to my house and ended up messing around on my computer. It was a reliable potato I still have in a drawer... somewhere. I had taken apart and put back together a number of times, feeling more like a puzzle set than a piece of hardware. It had been used well, but could run pong at about 11 frames per second;
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it wasn't the best and needed to be replaced. My cousin helped me out by picking out parts for a new PC with me, the best I could afford.

Well, the best that I couldn't afford. It came out to about $1600, a decent price for a PC. But for me, a 15 year old that had a grand total of $20 in the bank, it would take a while to say the least.

Over the course of the next few years, saving up from a summer job, I was set. I mean, I hadn't really kept a close eye on the money, but I totally had enough. Why not spend a little?

And a little more.

And a little more…

And eventually,


I looked over at the amount that I needed.


Hmm… that's not $480 is it? I checked a couple of times to make sure but nope, $300 isn’t $480....


I wasn't devastated. It was just a computer. Still, It was a major bummer.

I still had some money though. I mean, if I didn't have enough for the computer and would have to go back to work next summer, so why hold onto it, right? Little things, ordering
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some food on UberEats, getting a game on Steam, a PS Vita? Yes please. Just little things with a little money here and there, nothing I couldn't live without.

And yet I ran out.


Almost instantly I was thinking, a 20 dollar game on steam? I played it for 15 minutes. A PS Vita? didn't even have any games. A 30 dollar UberEats order from a Chinese place? That one hurt less because it was some good food, still, 15 bucks just to have it delivered from across the street. Money can't be unspent though. Luckily summer was right around the corner.

As music blared through my headphones that summer. I had gotten enough for the last parts and then some. Unfortunately, my card had a limit per week, it didn't matter too much, all I needed to do was wait to sort it out. Wait, and maybe spend a little along the way.

So I waited a little.

And a little more…

Not doing this again.

Asking to use my mom’s card(I paid her back as quickly as I could) I went online and quickly bought the graphics
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card and cpu.

Late 2019 and a bit after the end of summer. I had put the final parts onto my new pc. It was finished. It took longer than I hoped, but there it was. one of the first major things I have ever made/bought. It was a valuable experience, I would like to think it helped prepare me for large purchases, I’ll just try to spend a little less along the way next time.
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