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Running to the Dark CHAPTER 1

17 year old Bailey is on the run.

I wake up to yelling and banging and roll over. Dammit, I forgot to unlock the door last night before I went to bed. My Aunt is banging on my door yelling at me to get up and go to school.
“Why the hell are you banging on my door? I literally have an alarm clock Jennifer. Take your pills or something,” I say to her, groaning.
“Don’t you DARE talk to me that way young lady! No wonder your mom left you!,” she yells back at me. Oh NO she didn’t! I walk to the door fully awake now, stomp out and yell at her.
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“I can call you whatever the hell I want! You are NOT my mom! GO AWAY!” She slaps me and walks away. I turn around and stomp into my room. I start packing my things. I am going to find my mom. No matter what. I pack my favorite shirts and shorts, with 4 pairs of pants. And obviously all the other things I need. I stuff them in my bag and walk out of my room quietly. I look to my left and right making sure Jennifer is not around. I run quietly to the front door and unlock it, stepping out before shutting it slowly making a click noise. I run as quickly as possible before Jennifer notices.
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Forget the damn school. Who needs that anyways? I suddenly trip and fall on the pavement. I yell out in pain and see blood trickling down my leg. I get up slowly and run to the woods that I see about 20 feet away. Trying to find a hiding place in there, I hear a crack of a stick.
“Shit,” I mutter, thinking that it is Jennifer. So much for the whole ‘running away to find mother who abandoned child’. Turning around I make a yelp, noticing that this is deferentially NOT Jennifer, it is a boy of around eighteen.
Who the hell are you?” I ask the boy, my voice loud.
“Shhh, damn you don’t have to yell. I’m running from my parents.” He says, cautiously. “What are you doing? And WHO are you?" “For one, I am Bailey. I am running away from my terrible Aunt to try to find my mom who abandoned me when I was three. Who are you?” I ask him. His eyebrows go up. “ First, I am Garret Young, and second damn, that sucks. But you gotta be careful around here.” he looks around again, worried. “It’s dangerous
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out here. I almost got chased by a bear.”
I look at him for the first time. Well, I already HAD looked at him but now I look at him better. He is kind of hot. I mean, I don’t have a lot of experience with guys, but yet this boy is something.
“How old are you?” I ask him
"Nineteen. Not that old,” He chuckles, looking at me like he knows what I am thinking. I blush. His brown shaggy hair and his green eyes… wow. He really is something. “How old are you, Bailey?” He asks with a smirk. Damn, he really does know what I am thinking.
“I am seventeen,” I whisper. Oh my god. My face is burning!
“Cu-” He starts to say but there is a crash. I scream
“Watch out! Move move move,” I can’t understand what he is saying and I am so in shock I don’t move. He grabs me around the waist and pushes me out of the way of the falling tree branch above. I scream. He pulls me in and hold me tight. Even though I don’t know him that well, I fall in to him like I have known him for years. “Hey it’s okay, it was just a tree branch.” He says, soothingly. I start to hiccup. He rubs my back. “Your fine. It’s gonna be okay.”
“W-will you stay with me? Help me find my mom?” I ask, with tears in my eyes.
“Of course I will stay with you,” he says, wiping off my tears with his thumb.
“You promise? Promise me you will stay with me.” I grip his shirt tightly.
“I promise I will stay with you. I will always stay with you,” he whispers in my ear.

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