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Chapter 3 - Getting Out

From a book I've been working on since 2014

The weight of the two children in the wheelbarrow was beginning tire Sara out – the adrenaline rush of the moments before were beginning to wear off. At first she thought she could push the wheelbarrow forward up the stairs, but quickly realized that the best approach was to turn around and go up the stairway backwards, pulling the wheelbarrow up as she went along. About halfway up the stairway she carefully lowered the handles until the skids made contact with the stairs and slowly released her grip, holding her breath. To her amazement, it seemed to sit solidly balanced on the stairway, allowing her arms to recover a bit. She looked behind her at the remaining stairway, her tense face loosened up a bit now that she could see a bit of the doorway to the outside. She had no idea no idea what she was going to do with the children once she got them outside, Gerda had not revealed that part of the plan before she killed her. All she knew is that she needed to get them out of that building
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right now.

She took hold of the handles again and raised the wheelbarrow off its skids to resume her climb up the stairway. As she reached the top of the stairway and into the entryway, she heard a commotion coming from outside. Sounds like crying interrupted by a few shouts in German – then suddenly two loud pops of gunfire and the crying and shouting stopped. It was then that she could hear activity coming from the stairway leading up to the next floor - footsteps, voices and typewriters clacking away. She could hear the beating of her own heart as the footsteps seemed to come and go – they didn't sound as though they were coming down the stairway and she said a little prayer that it stayed that way.

Now facing the door to the outside, her body began to tremble a bit over the growing fear that someone would come through the doors as she attempted to get outside. Through the crack between the double doors she peeked to see if anyone was nearby. She knew she had to
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work quickly as she wasn't sure how long that she'd have to get out of the clear doorway before anyone showed up, and grabbed the wheelbarrow handles. In her haste she didn't quite have the wheelbarrow skids lifted off the floor before moving and one of the skids made a split second grinding noise as it scraped across the wooden floor. She froze, “did anyone hear that?!?” she thought, listening for any changes in the noises - especially the footsteps - that had been filling the building. “I need to calm down” she told herself, as she once again tightened her grip on the handles, “lift it all the way up first” and reminded herself and moved closer to the doorway.

She carefully nudged the wheelbarrow forward until the front just barely made contact with the door. The little boy's knees were right at the front edge, making contact as well, so she put the wheelbarrow down and bent over the top to move his legs back a bit. Ready to move out the door, she picked the handles back up and
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began pushing the wheelbarrow forward with the door opening as she slowly moved along. With every inch of movement through the door she could feel another rush of adrenaline building - her pulse was quickening and sweat began to build on her brows. Finally with two more steps she had cleared the doorway and she held her breath as the door shut behind her with an indistinct thud. With that part of her work behind her, she exhaled and continued down the the short porch stairway.

Soldiers were everywhere – even more than when she and Gerda had entered the building. A quick inconspicuous glance around the area revealed that she had caught the attention of a few of the soldiers standing around in the courtyard. Just as she was about to reach the courtyard gate, a soldier approached her, “hören sie jetzt mädchen auf!” he barked. She could make out that he was telling her to stop. Without lowering the wheelbarrow, she stopped and lowered her head as the guard stood over
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