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The White Threat

Insects with unknown origin threathen human life.

During a sunny day, everything started when I heard my dog making noises in the garden.
I decided to approach him, and he kept on splashing dirt against the windows and overall intended to create a mess.

My mother then walked out and talked to me, asking what's happening.
I answered that the dog was acting weird, and something caught our attention.

Our tree, in our front garden, had weird white webs and cocoons hanging of its branches.
We were both speechless for a few seconds, and then white insects of the size of a pencil case flew out of the tree and began to take me for their target.

I yelled to my mother that I'll find help, and I ran as my life was on the line.
One of them scratched me, and I felt a weird liquid acting up where I was harmed.

I was thinking 'I have to find the police, anything.'
But then... a fever began to appear and my thoughts were transformed, altered by this infectious liquid that was trying to take possession of my mind.
My forehead felt hot,
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and my muscles were about to give up.

I unexpectedly became aware of a thought, hiding far deep in my misty mind, which gave me tremendous fear...
'I have to find more humans to offer to the King.'
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