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Desire of the soul

Felix meets a boy in his dreams. Could he be real?

Felix was sitting in the grass feeling the cold air brush his face. He looked to his right and saw a boy, he had dark brown hair that softly went over his almond shaped eyes. His jaw line so perfect like it was hand drawn. He had pale soft skin, but his bright pink lips stood out more than anything. The boys eyes where a light caramel brown and when the sun hit them they shinned.

Felix sat staring into his eyes. He looked like a beautiful. Felix didn't even notice how close they were until he could feel the boys hot breath on his face. Then the boy suddenly leaned in, and Felix felt his heart race. Felix didn't know what to do.

Their lips ever so lightly touched, but it sent electricity through Felix's body. His lips were soft and felt warm against Felix's.

As Felix woke up he felt light headed. What kinda dream was that he thought as he sat up. Who was that boy I have never seen him before... Felix could not even process what just happened. He kissed a boy. A beautiful
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yet not real boy. Felix decided to just brush it off because it was only a dream.

"Felix come down for breakfast, also I need you to go to the store for me real quick" Felix's mom called from downstairs. "Okay okay mom give me a minute" Felix called as he got out of bed and stumbled to his closet.

His room was a mess with clothes scattered everywhere, and his small desk at the back of his light blue room. Ever since Felix was little blue was his favorite color. Blue reminded him of the ocean which he loved to spend time at.

Felix decided to wear black ripped jeans and a cute pink sweater. His shoes where white and had some stains on them. Felix's hair was blonde and he used gel to slick it back leaving some strands hanging in the front.

"Okay mom i'm gonna go now" Felix called as he rushed down the stairs and out the door. "Hey you forgot breakfast!" his mom called. "I will eat when I get back" Felix called back.

Felix walked as fast as he could to the store because he remembered
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he had a pick up for his friend at 9:30 and it was 9:20. As he was running down the busy street he suddenly bumped into someone. Felix fell down and hit his butt on the curb. He quickly got up patting his now hurt butt.

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry for bumping into you sir" Felix said still trying to be polite. "Next time watch where you are going" The guy said. "I know i'm so sorr-" Felix said but then he got a look at the guys face.

It was him.......the boy from his dreams. He looked just as Felix remembered. H had brown hair and beautiful eyes, but this time he had a leather jacket and his ears where pierced.

A the boy walked away angry all Felix could do was stare. The boy went and got onto a motorcycle and rode away. "He isn't as nice and cute looking as he was in my dreams" Felix huffed.

Ten he remembered the pickup. "oh crap" Felix said as he started running again but this time with more caution.

As he waited in line for his pickup he couldn't stop thinking about how weird
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it was that he bumped into the boy from his dreams. He had never seen him before so how did he appear in my dreams? Felix thought.

"oh sir?" a voice called. "your order is ready" he said. oh right he was also in line for pickup. "Sorry sir" Felix said picking up the bag up his bag ad his friends. "Thank you!" Felix said. Then he rushed out the door to get home.

"Mom I am home" Felix called as he walked through the door and to the kitchen. He hid the other bag for his friend outside the front door. Felix didn't know what was in the bag and he didn't want to risk it being something bad, and his mom getting mad at him.

"Mom are you home?" Felix said as he walked around the house. He then went into his room to find a sticky note on his door reading: Hi hunny! Sorry i went out for lunch with the ladies please eat some food! I love you!

Felix just chuckled and then went to lay down in his bed. He wasn't hungry anymore because he only had one person in his mind. It could
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