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a millionaire boy is being targeted by an assassin

I opened my eyes to bright vivid colors that merged into one another like the worlds brightest rainbow. My vision returned a few moments later. Finally, I could see where I was. A log cabin a fire burned brightly in a corner. An array of jars decorated the wall it was quite impressive. multicolored bottles of every was left open. Brown cinnamon sticks were left exposed. The smell of cinnamon filled my senses. I began to sneeze. A figure stirred in the looked like a boy. About my age. His face was obscured by shadows, casting a dark veil around him. I heard panicked breathing over the soft crackle of the fire. A word seemed to escape his lips “please”.it was then that I saw the pool of shiny crimson blood. The very sight of it seemed to take me back to the whirlpool of memories. Flashes commenced before my eyes. The phone call, the elevator, the man, the boy, the blood, the knife. Who was the boy? Who was I? Only one word entered my mind. Assassin…
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