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When Kay thought of Hollywood she thought it was all about the glitz and glamour. Champagne flutes with imported luxury bubbly and diamond chokers. Chanel Purses with custom gold links, Burberry sets, and Louis Vuitton. All the finest things money could buy and she had all of that at my fingertips and at the same time, she had nothing. Trapped in an abusive relationship with someone she thought she could trust. Tae Haung was a Korean lightweight boxer that she met at an after-party. Only to find out later he was a friend of her boss, Hikaru Hitachi. An elite socialite from an extremely wealthy family from Tokyo. He had branched off from the family business to pursue his own dreams of owning a recording label.
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Meeting Tae was the worst mistake of her life. She pushed away all her friends and family. Shrouded away from what was supposed to be the best year of her career. But she was spending the time locked away in a deep depression.
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