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i was home alone when my friends texted me to go out camping i said yes so later that night they arived my mom packed me a flash llight and some other things and so we arived at our camping spot it was so cool our spot was at top at the mountains the veiw was so cool and later that night we decided to tell scary storys because one of my friends love scary stories and then some time later we all went to sleep i was the one cleaning up our spot before we get going tomorow when i head over to sleep i heard someone moving towards us and i took a peek at i saw a large man with tentacles up his back i dicided to not go out because i have a feeling that this man might kill me so i just ignored it and the next morning some cops arived saying a man died last night all of his organs are gone i told them everything i saw last night maybe that man was eating the mans organs and when i got home i told my mom everytthing what happened


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