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chapter 2

rotten to the core vs soft as a feather

Chapter two: back to the rotten core

A younger girl just got adopted by a family that's in the core world. Her name is Annie and she is seven years old. She also has a brother now that lives there when she got there named Benjamin, He’s ten years old. He was adopted when he was two years old. He was found on a doorstep in a basket because the parents abandoned him when he was two because they didn’t want him. He was found in a brown basket with a blanket under him and one on top of him.
“Hello Annie, welcome to your new home, i hope you like it here. Let me show you up to your room.” They both walk upstairs and they go down a hallway and go right into her room. The hallway looked pretty suspicious. It was all run down and some parts of the floor would creak under your feet. And the light was off so it was pretty dark but when she got into her room it was really nice. There were pink sheets and blankets and stuffed animals on the bed.
Annie sits on the bed and tries to get comfy because
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the house was not familiar to her, and she wasn’t used to it cause it was different then her old house that she lived in. She put the box that she brought with her under her bed. It was stuff that she kept from her parents and her belongings. Her parents died also so she ended up in the adoption center for two years and got adopted today. In the box she had a small blanket, some pictures of her parents, a pair of shoes, some stuffed animals, and jewelry that her mom would wear. She put the box under the bed and just thought to herself for a little while.
She was thinking that, what if they hurt her or something happens to her. Annie looks out the window and sees a skinny man chasing after a teenage girl, saying “come here little girl i need something to drink and dinner to eat.” Annie rushes downstairs to tell her parents about it. “MOM, DAD there’s some old man chasing after a girl trying to kill her!”
They grab the shotgun that's in the closet in the hallway and shoots him in the
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leg. That family isn’t into danger or people getting hurt so they make sure that whoever is putting them in danger they shoot them in the leg. It doesn’t kill them, it just stops them from running. The teenage girl stops running and walks because there's no psycho running after her anymore. The man just lays there for a little while knocked out. The man was so annoyed that his mind was thinking, “My leg is shot and damaged, so why don’t I just take it off.” The man takes his leg off and surprisingly was able to make it home.
The weird thing is that he takes it off so easily. Everyone in the area is like walking zombies. A couple hours later and nasty scent that you never really smell in the area comes out of nowhere. It normally smells like gas and a lake mixed together but this time it smelt like pure skunk for hours. It was from the old man next door just cooking his like on the barbecue so he can eat it for dinner. He has a Kuru which is a disorder where people eat parts from dead
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or alive people, and they think that they have to and they will never eat any normal human food like everyone else. He was super skinny too and you can basically see his bones because all he ate was flesh and organs from dead and alive bodies.
He would keep dead bodies in his attic and his whole house has a horrible smell of flesh rotting and humidity. He will eat anything he can get. Last year he killed a whole family in the middle of the night and hung them on nails that were on his wall. Everyday he would go human hunting and put them in his attic. His attic is like a freezer, it gets very cold up there because there is not much light in there, except for a small circular window in the corner of the room. Annie stayed in her room all day because she is really scared to go out after what she just saw, she doesn’t wanna be the next person he kills. Annie’s mom goes into her room to talk to her. “Annie what's wrongs, what’s been up with you today.” Annie stays quiet f
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