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evil side vs nice side

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Rotten to the core vs soft as a feather

A world which is broken down into the smallest pieces, stones cracked, ground black, sky as red as blood, if someone is coming towards you, you better watch out because you are most likely gonna be in trouble because the people that run after you are mostly anorexic phycos looking for a person they can kill and eat every organ, every crumb, and drink every drop of blood that will gush out like those fruit snacks that you can get from the store which when you bite into it the juice comes gushing out so fast that your mouth will water.
Compared to the other world which is as soft and peaceful as a feather, everyone was equal, no crimes were made, and nothing bad happened. If you did a crime in this world they will send you to the rotten core world and you will have to stay there permanently and if you try and go back and the world finds out they will find you and kill you, after the body is killed and the head is off you will be
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a new decoration for the community garden, your brain is taken out and everything is dug out and sold.
Not many people buy the insides but if you are hungry that’s all you have to eat or you will stay anorexic and die from starvation, the blood was there water when on the peaceful side they had fresh water and normal drinks and foods like our world. But there was one person that wasn’t really anorexic but she was skinny, her name was Daniella, her parents died and cps has found her, now she is headed over to the other side, she looks different then the others when she gets there, the people on the soft world have light blue and green eyes, everyones eyes are that color there no brown and gray, and her eyes are a greyish brownish.
She has dirty brown hair, freckles, greyish brownish eyes, mixed skin color, and fairly tall. But then when you go to the other side everyone is average size with either light blue or green eyes, blond hair, mostly white with a mix of latinos and latinas,
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Which at that point Daniella would fit it with but her hair and eyes are gonna be different, she has a thought in her head, when she gets there shes gonna be bullied cause she different and not like everyone else.
It’s one o’ clock and they show up at Daniella’s door and ring the doorbell.”Who are you guys?” “We're here to give you a home so pack what you wanna bring and we're gonna go after.” “Okay, give me like ten minutes and i’ll be right down.” They close the door and wait in the car for her. She packs her computer, phone, chargers, a picture of her parents, he old baby blanket which she has always kept, her parents blanket, pillows, her moms jewelry and most of her clothes and shoes. She heads towards the door with two suitcases full of things and her arms stuffed with lots of larger items that can’t fit in the suitcase. “You know you didn’t need to bring things for your bed we have it all.””I know i just prefer my things.”
FIve hours later they arrive in the soft as a feather
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world. “Hey Daniella wake up.” She wakes up and sees a large building the size of a mansion but two times bigger, “Where are we?” “We're home, welcome, everyone gets their own room here and it’s nice and peaceful, lots of entertainment.” A man named Preston, age twenty seven carried her bags upstairs and showed her to her room. “Well here’s your room.” There was a nice twin sized bed, a fairly large walk in closet, and her own large bathroom. “Just be down by seven o’clock.”
A half hour passes and she starts to head downstairs, when she starts going downstairs she keeps getting dirty looks from everyone but then another girl named Natalia walks towards her. “Hey I'm Natalia, don’t pay attention to the other people giving dirty looks towards you, they're never happy when anyone new joins.” “Hey I'm Daniella, and i'm thirteen years old, i just arrived here because my parents passed away, i didn’t know how because no one ever told me, and since i’m only thirteen i can’t live
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