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The CreepyPasta Apocalypse (1/3)

Two kids must survive against all odds

Two kids are playing video games about there favourite creepypasta's. Felix and Sean playing a fighting game with Jeff the killer and Slenderman, "Wow Sean you suck at this game" Felix said

"Okay buddy", Sean said

"you know what?" but before Felix could say anything else their game stops and the screen switches from the main menu to a bloody floor, "I think it's time you hold your breath" and the screen switches from floor to another infamous killer, Liu. Then there T.V breaks. Silence, A tentacle comes out and smacks Felix, making him fly through the wall. "FUCK!" Yelled Felix

"The hell was that?" Sean replied

"Who the fuck knows?"

The next day they were talking about at school, but something was off usually there 4 tables to the right with each friend group the Goths would be right next to them then the jocks and the nerds and lastly greasers but nobody was at school the only people that were there were the cafeteria ladies it was just dead silence and one of the cafeteria ladies
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spoke. "Are you guys going to get your food or stay there's all day?" Sean got up and said he'd be right back. Felix saw something right behind the cafeteria lady give sean his food and it was them laughing right before Felix could say anything he heard a siren noise so they evacuated to the tornado safe room. There was no broadcast and Felix started running outside and sean followed they didn't notice the cafeteria lady starts transforming into a creepypasta monster "Rake" and starts chasing after on all fours they try to leave the school but Felix wasn't lucky enough and gets eaten and get thrown with her mouth with only half of his body left.

Sean makes it out crying and breathing heavily he starts walking to his house but the siren sound from earlier can be heard but it's much louder and sounds like it's outside. Sirehead? Sean thought but it was coming from the woods about 100 yards away from the school and No fuck that. Sean thought.

This is it this is how I die. He goes to a hospital
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and patches himself up and falls asleep and remembered everything before all this shit him and Sean having fun enjoying life all the time they spent with there friends that died and.  How great life was. Mom and Dad watching horror movies, joking around.

What where am I? Sean thought "Sean!" Felix yelled. He was delighted. It was like old times playing board games watching horror movies. Everything they used to do. Playing that creepypasta game, Laughing, enjoying life.

What's going on? Sean thought, oh.. I woke up. He heard something running downstairs. The fuck? He thought "Sean we have a surprise for you," said   Яake

"No not again I want to enjoy life," Sean said while started to cry.

"I'll give you a thirty-second head start. 1, 30 done

Shit, Shit, Shit. Sean thought.

He looks around for a weapon like a knife or something of the sort. but nothing. next room, a needle and cyanide. "Come here  Яake you bitch."  Яake starts jolting towards him. almost getting to Sean's face but
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Sean got lucky and stabs It's by accident. injecting cyanide into it. Sean stops everything and slams it into the wall. It's weak. he writes "This is for you Felix" and proceeds to throw it out the window killing it. He walks out of the hospital with a smile on his face. He finds a bunker that's just empty with people shivering. With a gun right next to them.

"H-Hello?" Sean asked

"Who are you? A killer, a monster?" Somebody asked

"No, My friend got killed by Яake"

"So was my husband. The sad thing is It's still out there"

"Nope not anymore"

"Wait really? What happened?"

"I killed him"


"Yeah. So how much food is left?"

"Not much but enough for another 2 weeks"

"Oh, I'll get food in a couple of weeks"

Two weeks went by. "Shit, I need to get more food" Sean said

"Okay see you later," Kim said

The closest store was through the woods, Thank god they had a gun. Sean thought he walks towards the woods making sure he has enough ammo for the trip to the
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