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about a girl who gets kidnapped,she if she falls..

((My Pov))
I inhaled the fresh air as i opened the window looking outside.
I smiled a little as I heard the chirping of birds.
After relaxing a bit , i combed my dark brown hair, took my black jacket, and shut the door of my room. I smiled at my father who was already eating breakfast.
My father was never the one to be patient when it came to food. I chuckled a little and walked downstairs towards the small breakfast table.
"Good morning, Dad" I said kissing the cheek of my father.
"Good morning"
"Here are your scrambled eggs"(ps:-i love eggs) my mother said placing the plate in front of me and sitting on the chair next to me.
After 15 minutes of eating i was finished. I got up taking the keys of the truck. I kissed my mom's cheeks and made my way out.
"Come on dad we are gonna be late!!" I groaned looking at my dad who was slowly sipping his coffee.
"I will be late today, I am going to the market for some groceries"
"Okay then, bye."
I exited the house,
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taking long strides towards the truck but not before slipping the jacket on.
I hopped in my truck and put on some music as I drove away.
My dad owned an Indian restaurant, so after graduating i will became a pro in managing all the things. After all, i was 17 now.
After 30 minutes of driving, i reached my destination and parked my truck on the side. Everyone greeted me as i entered the restaurant.
It was not too big nor too small. It was decent sized but the food we served was so delicious that almost all the tables were filled everyday.
I took my familiar seat as a customer started to come.
I looked up from my phone to see four men dressed in all black were entering.
They surely looked rich and the one in front looked around and his eyes met mine. He had dark brown piercing eyes and i felt like he was looking through me.
I quickly averted my gaze not taking the intensity his eyes held.
"Lydia take their order" I said to my employee. My chin was pointing towards the group, who
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were casually sitting at a table straight in my sight, with the dark brown eyed man still staring at me.
He didn't move his gaze even when Lydia walked up to them asking their orders. I furrowed my eyebrows in utter confusion then shrugged it off as my phone started to buzz. I quickly answered the call.
"Hey, Jenna" I replied smiling a bit. Jenna was my best friend since childhood.
"Hey, rose are you free tomorrow night?" the sweet voice of my friend asked .
"Yeah, why?"
"Because there is a party tomorrow night and before you make any excuses of not coming, let me tell you that I will drag you from your house and take you to the party in whatever you're wearing!! I don't wanna miss this, Mike is hosting the party rose! You know how much I like him, there is no way you are ditching me!!" She exclaimed and squealed my name.
"Okay, okay. I get it but listen to me Jenna, if you don't tell him this time what a big crush you have on him, I'm gonna tell him."
"No! I will tell him, don't you
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worry" Jenna's panicked voice said and i smirked. I could imagine her with wide eyes and standing on her knees.
"I won't stay for too long. You know I'm not a party person" I said annoyed. I never really liked parties but my friends wouldn't understand that now would they?
"Yeah... I know how much of a bore you can be. Bye I will see you tomorrow luv ya!"
"Byee!!" I said rolling my eyes.
I texted my father the grocery list one more time in case he was forgetting something. When I was done with the message, i heard a loud crash. I looked up from phone to find Lydia on the floor with broken glasses and plates near her. I quickly got up from my seat and hurried towards her. Other employees were already around her looking for any injury. She lifted her up and told the others to go back to work as I examined her up and down.
"I'm so sorry rose. I don't know how I tripped." she said looking at the mess she created .
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