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Do you think the killer is a human or maybe not?

Chapter 1
It was 2 am in the morning. The wind swirled, there was not a soul around. Alfred sat on the pathway, hands covered in blood, a mysterious look in the eyes. His lips cracked in a half smile.
Kelly was driving home back to Rocheport, Missouri after spending a month in St. Louis with her friend Astrid. The day was pleasant, birds were chirping, sky was clear with the shining sun. It was a great day for a drive. The wind was running through her blonde hair. She had deep blue eyes and a smile that was eye catching. Her skin was fair and had freckles. She was a beauty.
Officer Mark Hill was at his desk. He was stressed as five more citizens had been murdered. It had been two days, still no pick up. He looked at the files again. All victims of different age group. He hears a knock, ' Its detective Lisa Becker, you wanted to see me?' 'Yea, please come in.' Mark replied.
Lisa was a smart detective, she had pretty impressive traits. She was passionate towards her career 'Any update
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on the murder cases?' Lisa let go of a sigh,
'No, sir nothing yet.' And she left. At the end of the day, she was tired, while driving back home she stopped for some ice cream.
Sara Serrailler was working late, it was almost twelve, she knew she wouldn't get a cab at this hour of the night, so she decided to walk home. She lived past the Hill. The Clifton Hill was considered to be a creepy place at night, people believed that wicked witches lived there decades ago and still had spells spread all over the hill. Maybe just a rumor. Sarah decided to take the road which lead to the hill, it was the shortest route. She felt someone was following her, she turned around three to four times, but there was no one. The place was so still that she could hear her own breathing. The wind swirled around her as if in fury, bats flew overhead, she was losing her breath, something terrible was going to happen. Sarah started running as fast as she could. The next moment she was on her knees, something
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painfully stabbed her, she looked around as she fell towards the ground, no one was there. She was gone.
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