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Ava and the Rabbit

When Ava meets a magical rabbit

This is a story of a magical rabbit who made friends with a little girl.


Ava was a little girl with a magical friend. She made friends with the rabbit because the rabbit gave her a magical power to make anything to gold, even leaves!

When it was Ava's birthday, the rabbit greeted her first. Ava was so delighted to see him! For her present, the rabbit agreed to show her his magical home.

When Ava reached the rabbit's home, she screamed with shock! The rabbit's home was made of chocolate! The rabbit said to her that he was lonely that is why he invited him to his house! Even though it was Ava's birthday, she also invited him to her house.

When the rabbit reached home, Ava asked him if he wants something to wear. The rabbit said yes. Ava gave him her most favorite dress and cap. The rabbit looked silly in the dress and cap! Ava laughed and shouted and asked the rabbit if he wants to go to the park. The rabbit said yes! When they
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went there, it looked as if they cannot see the rabbit and Ava! Then a silver foil rolled down into Ava's lap. After that, the rabbit took off his cap and they were surprised to see a walking rabbit in its hind legs! But a boy recognized the rabbit because he met him before! He got jealous! He told the rabbit why is he playing with Ava instead of him? The rabbit said, he is playing with Ava because she needs company. After that, the rabbit and Ava went home. When the moon and stars raised, Ava and her friend watch the stars light up. After they watched the stars, the rabbit said he needs to go home. Ava asked when is he going to visit her again. The rabbit said, he will visit her again if she shares her imagination and kindness.

The end
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    cyan inspired :

    I made this book because I liked to make people happy and it reminds me of being with my friends



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