Kickoff written by ALoveofStories


A woman searches for what's left of her heart.

Finding herself heartbroken, alone, and filled with questions, a woman ventured out to seek the remaining pieces of her heart, for her once seemingly long-lasting-almost-forever relationship came to an abrupt ending which left her questioning love and what it meant if it gave nothing but heartache in the process. She sought out love where she least would think to find it, seeing as how she chose locations that were not her comfort zones to begin with. She began in search at a bar which only gave her drunken loves that left her sadder than she had been. Her next spot were raves that left her drained, for an energetic partner was too much for her introverted soul to handle, not to mention the constant loud music had practically left her deaf, and her feet extremely sore. The final location had been a mixture of the former, a bar with loud music, though there were less people on the dance floor than she had previously experienced, a man in a black leather jacket caught her eye from across
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the bar as he sat drinking a glass of whiskey on the rocks, a drink she hadn't planned on having herself the entirety of the night, the smell of such strong liquor made her dizzy, though she helped herself to an amaretto sour, a refreshing, bittersweet drink that easily made her tipsy. Her alcohol tolerance was rather low as she could be seen now tipping over to the stranger sat at the bar stool. She gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder before a sudden giggle left her mouth, the male then turned his head and met her eyes.

"Can I help you?" He asked with an arched brow, not enjoying having his personal space being so suddenly interrupted.

"Maaaaybe." She said as she held back yet another giggle.

"Listen lady, you either tell me what you want or need, or you can walk yourself back to your little spot from whence you came. Alright?" His tone was serious as he was visibly annoyed at being interrupted from his relaxing night.
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