Kickoff written by Agmiller2025

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“ I don’t know, I just forget to eat sometimes,” Harper said, still looking at the ceiling. Dr. Matt handed her a paper, the top of the paper said ‘ED DETECTION TEST’. Harper looked at the doctor and laughed a little.
“ Really, an eating disorder test? What do you think I am? The poster tumbled an anorexic girl?” She said,
“ Just fill it out, please. Oh and please be honest, we are just trying to help and see why you fainted,” Dr. Matt said. Harper looked at him and he held out a pen for her. She looked at the questions and didn’t see anything odd. Yes I count calories, yes I exercise a lot, yes I avoid certain foods. What’s wrong with that? She handed the paperback and he looked over.
“ So here is what we are going to do, you scored a 28 out of 30 on the form.” He said looking over the sheet once more.
Harper looked at him and started to play with the blanket.
“ We are going to place you in a two-week-long rehab for people with your disorder. We will give it two weeks and if you make
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enough progress and the therapist agrees, you can leave with the occasional check-ups. If you are not making progress, we will keep you for another two weeks and fit you with a feeding tube. You will be brought there tomorrow afternoon. We have told your family and they are going to get your things,” Dr. Matt said. He got up and left the room. Harper broke down into tears.
A few moments later her mother Anne, stepfather Mike and sister Alison walked in. Her mother teared up at the sight of Harper.
“ Oh, honey, where did I go wrong? How could I have let you get this bad?” Her mother sobbed. Harper just stared at her. She was the sick one and her mother was making it about herself. She looked over at her sister. She could trust her to not say anything that would make her feel worse, right? Her sister just shook her head and looked at the floor. Mike set down Harper's bags and a blanket. Then he led the family out of the room.
Harper closed her eyes and tried to sleep. The beeping of the
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machine and the people in the halls kept her up all night. Nurses popped in and out checking heart rate and blood pressure. Harper stared at the ceiling and tried to imagine what it would be like. The treatment center with all the people like her.
She looked around and saw her bags. She slowly climbed out of bed and walked over to them. She opened the bags and looked inside. Something fell out of one of the shirts. A note, she opened it and saw that it was from Ben. She unfolded it and started to read it. Dear Harper,
You are the world to me and perfect in every way.
Get better soon, I will be waiting.

Tears filled Harper's eyes and she began to cry. She got up off the floor and climbed back into bed. She held the note to her chest and fell asleep. She dreamed of being with Ben, her family, and her friends. Anywhere but here.
The next morning Harper was woken up by a nurse. She was being transported to the ED treatment center in about two hours. She gets out of bed and walked over to
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pick out her clothing from the bag Mike dropped off last night. She grabs a dark blue oversized hoodie and a pair of gray sweatpants. She walked over to the mirror and looked at herself. She studied her pale lips and the dark eye bags.
She ran her hands through her hair and pulled it up into a ponytail. She took one last look and then sat down in the chair by her bed. She looked through the bag to see what else was in there. A book, a few more pairs of clothing, and her toothbrush and comb. A nurse opened the door and a tall woman with short brown hair and a black shirt with a yellow sun cartoon on it walked in.
“ Hi, My name is Ms. West. I’m the director of the treatment center, do you need help with your bag?” Harper shook her head and stood up. She put everything back and zipped it back up. With her bag in hand, she followed Ms. West down the hospital hallway and out to the parking lot. Ms. West led her to a black van with a sun just the one on her shirt.
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