Kickoff written by Agmiller2025

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The blinding light shines through the curtains waking Harper up. She rolls over and opens her eyes. She looks around her room and then to her alarm clock. 7: 26am. She rolls back over and lets out a groan. It’s the first week of summer break in early June and Harper is still waking up at her school time. She sits up and pushes the hair out of her face.
She gets out of bed and walks to the mirror. Harper lifts up her baggy sweatshirt and looks at her stomach. She examines every inch of it then pulls it back down.
“ It’s bigger than yesterday,” she thinks to herself. She pulls it back down and goes to her closet.
“ Ok, I have a girl's day with Olivia and Kayla today than Ben's birthday party at 6.” she thinks to herself. She looks over the clothing in her closet and pulls out a light blue sundress and a yellow romper. She walks over to the mirror and holds them up to her body.
“ I think I like the romper better,” she says to herself. Harper pulls off her oversized sweatshirt and pulls on
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the romper. She chooses to leave her hair down and only do a little makeup. She leaves her room and on her way out she passes her older sister Alison.
They wave at each other and Harper goes to the kitchen. Her stepdad Mike is sitting at the table sipping his coffee and reading something on his phone. He looks up and smiles at Harper,
“ You look nice today, you want some breakfast?” Harper shakes her head and goes to the coffee pot. She pours herself a cup of coffee and adds a little bit of vanilla creamer.
“ 25 calories is good,” Harper thinks to herself. She screws on a lid and says goodbye to Mike and Alison, then heads out the door. She is meeting up with Olivia and Kayla at 10:00 am and going shopping for clothes and a birthday present for her boyfriend Ben. She gets in her car and pulls out of the driveway. She turns the radio on and a song she likes starts to play. She taps her finger on the wheel along with it.
She dives to the mall and waits for her friends. She texts Kayla
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and Olivia and waits. Harper is listening to her music and singing along when someone taps on her window. She turns the radio down and looks up out her car window. Olivia is standing there with her arms crossed. Harper opens the door and hugs her,
“ Hey, how have you been?” Harper asks Olivia.
“ Good is Kayla here, I’m starving and I want to get coffee before we leave. You did send her the right address right?” Harper looked down at her phone and looked through her texts with Kayla.
Harper nodded her head and looked around the parking lot and saw Kayla pull into the parking lot in her little red car.
“ Sorry I’m late, I needed to grab something for my brother after his basketball game,” Kayla said as she stepped out of her car. Kayla was tall, thin, blond with freckles and blue eyes. She was everything Harper wants to be. In her mind, she was a fat, short, boring, brunette. Nothing special to see.
“ Can we get something to eat now?” Olivia whined. Kayla nodded her head in agreement.
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They all got into Harper's car (it was the biggest one out of the three girls) and headed for a coffee shop only a few blocks away.
“ What do you want?” Harper asked.
“ Oh, can we get donuts, please?” Olivia asked. Harper’s heart dropped to her stomach. She knew 195 calories was way too much for breakfast.
“ You guys can, I’m not hungry,” Harper said. Kayla and Olivia shrugged their shoulders and kept talking.
“ So Ben’s birthday is today, what are you getting him, Harper?” Olivia asks. Harper looked down at the list she had written the day before.
“ Balloons, a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, vanilla ice cream, and some sodas, and party hats, because why not, can you guys think of anything else?” Olivia shook her head and looked at Kayla. She nodded her head and she pulled something out of her purse.
“ I have a fake ID so we could score some cheap beer and booze,” Kayla said, holding it up so the girls could see. Harper shook her head and fronded.
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