Kickoff written by Agmiller2025

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and looked at Kayla. She nodded her head and she pulled something out of her purse.
“ I have a fake ID so we could score some cheap beer and booze,” Kayla said, holding it up so the girls could see. Harper shook her head and fronded. Olivia grabs at the ID but Kayla pulls it away.
“ How did you get this?” Olivia asks.
“Like I’m telling you!” Kayla said. Harper pulled into the cafe’s parking lot and parked in a spot close to the door. Olivia and Kayla got out of the car and started walking towards the door. Olivia turned around and tapped on the window. Harper rolled it down.
“ Are you sure you don’t want anything?” She said, Harper nodded and Olivia ran to catch up with Kayla.
Harper’s phone started to buzz. She picked it up and looked at the caller's name, it was Ben. She answered facetime.
“ Hi Ben, how are you this morning?” Harper asked.
“ I’m excited for tonight, what about you?” Ben asked. Harper nodded and smiled. Ben frowned and looked worried.
“You ok, your face looks pale,”
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Ben says. Harper looked at him and nodded her head.
“ Yeah, it's probably just the lighting in the car,” Harper says back. She lied, Harper has lost forty pounds since February. She was at 140 and is now down to 98. She was proud of getting skinny but wasn't satisfied. Her goal was nothing, she wanted to be zero. The perfect number and her goal. At first, it was to lose ten pounds before the summer so she looked better in a swimsuit.
Harper went from a medium to an extra small. From a size six jeans to a size double zero. Her friend prized her and her family complimented her and congratulated her knowing she wanted to be healthier and lose some weight. She fed off of these comments. She loved the praises she got from people.
Harper looked up and saw Kayla and Olivia walking out of the cafe with a small bag and a cup holder with two drinks. Her stomach growled and she licked her lips at the sight of the food. She thought about the protein bar in her purse and started looking for it. She
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found it and looked at the back. “ 90 calories, so if I eat half of it that’s like 45 calories right?” Harper thought while opening the bar up.
Olivia and Kayla climbed back into the car laughing. Kayla handed Olivia’s drink to her in the front seat. She opened the bag of donuts and the car filled with the smell. There were chocolate and vanilla and maple-flavored, ones with sprinkles and ones with caramel drizzle on top. Harper could feel her mouth-watering but she took a bite of the bar instead.
The bar was cold and stale. She spat it out into a napkin and wrapped the bar back up and put it in a grocery bag. Harper started the car and the girls started to head back to the mall. Kayla leans from the back seat and turns up the music. The girls sing along and dance to the music in the car. Harper pulls into the mall's parking lot. It’s a lot fuller than when she was here a half-hour ago.
Kayla and Olivia get out of the car and Harper grabs her purse and phone and gets out too. As soon
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as she stands up her legs turn to jelly and she gets dizzy. Harper grabs the car door and balances herself.
“ You okay, Harper?” Kayla asks, holding one of Harper's arms. She nodded and smiled at her.
All three girls headed to the mall's front doors. The smell of the food court and coffee hits them as they walk through the doors. Harper talks a deep breath of the air.
“ Good thing smelling food is calorie-free,” Harper thinks to herself. Olivia grabs a cart and the girls go to the party section of the store. Harper looks at the decorations and the games.
She picks out some blue and white marbled balloons and some blue party hats. Next on the list, a cake. The girls walked up to the bakery and found a cake with dark brown chocolate frosting and little whipped cream swirls around the brim of the cake. Harper pays for the cake and they go to the clothing section. Olivia and Kayla found a short, tight, sexy, strapless dress with gems and glitter. Harper rolls her eyes.
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