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Kickoff written by TiredHuman / Follow-up written by julesberry

Bon Voyage

A toddler and her companion survive the apocalypse

I was ready to go through the cold, given the layers of clothes I was wearing. Giving a quick look at the note I had written for Mom and Dad, I silently picked up a few bottles full of water and some dry food, my bag now ready. Michael gave me a strange look and gently jumped a few times until he reached the doorstep.

"I'm still quite unsure about this..." Michael said, toned as though he'd be willing to stay.
But I know he wouldn't! The blood, the blood, the blood. I knew it'd be a problem sooner or later.

"Let's just find a cozy place for the four of us!"

He stopped for a few seconds and finally agreed.

"Let's go, Micheal!" I excitedly said.

The old door creaked as I opened it, and my footsteps made a cracking sound as

I made a
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path in the snow. My black cat sitting in my arms, I began to miss Mom and Dad. I really really wanna find a warm place and see them feeling good again.


"I'm with you girl."

"Thanks, Micheal"

He then made the strange noises that cats do when they're happy. Mom told me it was normal but I find it really funny.

I began to giggle, holding my black kitty in my arms.

What would happen?
I don't know. But at least I'm with Micheal.
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