Kickoff written by acunit

The Dull ray of sunshine

A happy girl going through a tough life

People, a broad word that is used daily by everyone on planet earth. Every person is different. There are many different types, and a lot of them are overlooked. Some people are sweet and generous. They always smile and care for everyone around them, even if they don’t have much.
All we see is the surface. All anyone knows is the surface. What if you had a conversation with the person that is always smiling? Would you still see them the same?
Maybe the words they are saying are still sweet and kind, but did you notice the small but quick wave of sadness go over them, when you asked how their life was so perfect and so happy?
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You see, they may seem so perfect on the surface, but deep down that ray of sunshine got covered by clouds because the man in the dark violated her.
Those clouds got darker when those friends left, and that “perfect” boy cheated. After a while those clouds started to drizzle. Her small inconveniences turned into a long line of painful nights, crying and wondering, why?
She was always so kind, she didn’t deserve this. But as time went on, those clouds started to rain a little harder with some thunder in the background.
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Surely it couldn’t get worse, not after everything right? Wrong. Just like that, her amazing health was taken. An immunity disorder that is incurable, but manageable.
It will be okay her mother told her; everything will get better soon. The clouds disagreed. The clouds let a roar of thunder shake the sky, as lightning struck the ground all around her.
The small cloudy day turned into a life altering storm. If everything else wasn’t bad enough, the ray of sunshine was never enough for dad. And when the health issues started, she could do nothing right anymore.
Everything was her fault, and there was nothing she could do. She hated herself. She wanted to join the soil, and let the rain let her grow instead of drown her. But no, that isn’t an option.
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You need to stay and fight everyone tells her. All the ray of sunshine could think was I deserve everything that happened to me, and it was all my fault. Now dad wants to leave mom because of how terrible she is. Mom wants her to stay because she is beautiful, and kind.
If mom and everyone else believed it, then it had to be true. Once again, the storm took over, and this time it was worse than ever before. Everything built up so big, that the world got flooded. The girl broke in half, she was sad and hurt, and didn’t have any fight anymore.
No matter what anyone said or did, nothing helped. She was once so happy, and so kind. But people took that from her, the storm was there, and that ray of sunshine became the storm that flooded and destroyed the earth.
Some people get overlooked, and I am one of them. I have been through so many terrible things, but all you saw was a ray of sunshine. But, In reality am a thunderstorm waiting to be awoken.
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