Kickoff written by caelum_chu

We were there together

Moving forward means letting go all the burden

Crazy how fast the time has passed
Everything just happened so fast
so fast where you and I are now in different path;
And yet I, am still holding on the past

I knew from the very start that you and I are not meant to be;
Yet you insisted that we could be
I kept on holding back,
Did tried my best to not get involved in that word love
which I might get hurt and for the history might repeat itself;
and so it did.

Everything in this world was against us
not even your ground nor mine
It was tough for us both to face that chapter
However, we kind of made it through somehow

I kept on pushing you away
Hurt you, and even made you cry
but perhaps you know how to choose the right words
to capture my heart on your way of saying

Your way of comfort felt so real
It gave me a huge relief,
I never intended to receive comfort from you
Which I even isolated myself and shut myself from everyone
so I could own my pain alone

You were there when I was alone
you were there to listen
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my pain
and even there when my demon lashed out
So I thought I might try to open up my heart
for I thought you are different and is trustworthy

But why must you give me false hope?
decided to elude on our track
and cheated without any reason
or so I thought

However all things had happened has a reason
I prayed every single day
goes to church twice a week
and include you to my prayers

"Lord God if he is not meant for me,
please keep us apart and take away this feeling of love"
And so my prayer were answered after almost 2 years
You started to like me like crazy acted as if you were obsessed
and left me with a huge deep scar

You ended up our chapter
and the last words I heard was when you said
"I admit it, I like her" and end up the phone call
I wanted to forget everything
and yet I couldn't even cast out the memories you've left

After all what's happened I am still glad that I lose that person
and made myself better and found myself in peace
Being single doesn't make you less a
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