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Kickoff written by SaraRight / Follow-up written by TiredHuman

As It Sleeps

Join Keanu on his first journey!

Many years passed under the treacherous king's rule, and slowly people began to forget the old queen. They forgot the green valleys and swirling rivers, the beautiful light of the sun as it sparkled off the glaciers on the tips of mountains, and the gentle beat of her wings as she flew around sprouting forests at her feet.

See, the crooked old king had forbidden anyone in the kingdom to breathe a word of the golden years of happiness in the past. He wanted them to forget the taste of freedom, of happiness, of love, and know only the weight of his whip. He buried the people of the kingdom in underground mines and prisons, forcing them to work themselves to death without a glimpse of the light of day. Scampering like rats in the dark, he
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wanted them to remain powerless and completely under his control.

But still, the people never let the bastard king kill their spirit. Secretly they'd meet to share stories of the past. They'd dance and sing the songs and traditions from long ago. Of course time warped their memories and flipped their melodies, but still they persevered.

It was in one of these reunions that rumors began to spread of a new reckoning, of a new hope for the kingdom! "On the 100th year anniversary of our queen's death," they whispered, "a young child will be born in our lands. They will hold the power of the very sun and moon, and from their power will our chains disintegrate and turn to dust! They will start the rebirth of our kingdom, & we will finally be free!"
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