Kickoff written by Daisie

Fight, Flight or Fulfil

The Letter from Chapter One

The letter read:
I wrote you a letter, it seems ironic. Right? I mean, you broke up with me in a letter and now I’m writing how much I hated you in a letter. No wonder why we dated each other, we were the perfect match. That is besides point, by now, future me should have told you already that I forgive you but I wrote this when hated you. So here it is, the words you have been given warning to, I HATED you. Past tense. I used to hate you, I gave in to anger and rage, it was a pit of anger inside of me that I wasn’t going to burn in. Now I have been reformed, spiritually. I started taking classes that helped me read myself like a book and others. In fact, I bet I have already read you when I told you to collect the letter from someone close to me. Again, I’m getting off track. You made my world crumble but you also helped me rebuild my world, bigger and better and with more self-esteem. And for that I must allow myself to forgive you and hopefully put this awful experience in
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the past. What used to be our relationship, was loving and toxic. We pulled out each other’s worst sides, and for that again, I. thank you. I have since vanquished that side of me to the deep dark unknown side of me, the side that will never see the light of day. You can only control it not get rid of it, another thing I have learnt. The words I leave you with are by Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see it the world”. He is truly inspirational. I will keep your baby daddy secret but I implore you, tell him, before someone else beats you to it. After reading burn it as so no one, not even your fiancé, can read it. This secret goes to my grave. This is a sign of my forgiveness.
Sincerely from,
Dove xxx
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