Kickoff written by Daisie

Fight, Flight or Fulfil

Three main characters with one main story, love

Chapter One – Not a Shower, A storm

Lucas and I had arrived at my hell on earth, my ex's baby shower. I think I would have killed the taxi driver if it wasn't for Lucas and the speed of modern day cars. I could have missed my slot for a congratulations and a quick game of guess your Daddy! And that wasn't an option. I wasn’t there for the brightly coloured cake or the overpriced party bags, no. I was there to save someone later on from a broken heart and the heart breaking feeling of a child being ripped away from your arms.
I told Lucas my plans on the way here and now that he has pulled me aside, away from the party and away from my cheating, backstabbing, psychologically messed up ex, I don’t know if he going to encourage me or tell me to go home.
Lucas’ soft tone always comforted me, he never lost his cool, not with me. He spoke to me calmly “Dove, are you certain that you want to expose your ex-girlfriend for cheating on her current partner? I thought I was over her and ready but
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Lucas’ words were churning around my head like clothes in a tumble dryer. I grabbed a champagne flute, downed it and dropped it on the floor beside me. The plain echo of the glass against the wooden floor board was a sound I hadn’t heard in a while but this was a different sound, it had a drop of revenge. Sweet tangy revenge in it. I was excited.
I wrote her a letter, one I never sent. It was more for me, to release my bottled emotions, to correct the wrongs in my head. As the memories were saved in my head, like files on a computer, I had to do something to get rid of them. I wrote a letter, it explained everything, all my emotions my concerns and most of all my hatred of her, the newly founded despise I felt towards her. I brought it with me but I couldn’t decide whether to give it to her. I gave it to Lucas, my trustworthy and knight in shining armour type of brother, to give to my shallow ex.
My ex came over to tidy up the mess that I created, the perfect time for me to reconcile. I
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spoke aloud, “Hello, hope you are healthy and not feeling too nauseous? I wanted to let you know in person, I forgive you. Go to Lucas later on during the party, he has something to give you, from me.” She replied simply but calmly and in a hushed tone, “Thank your forgiveness means a lot.” She gave me a warm and almost comforting smile.
She was trying, trying to forget all her memories, all of what used to be passionate feelings for one another. You see, this was the first time we saw each other after the breakup, exactly 8 months and 21 days. It was hard for me, to see she was moving on, and what seemed so quick too. She moved on quickly while I was left behind to pick up the pieces, of my shattered heart that fell to the floor and broke into a million pieces, after I read her note. She couldn’t bring herself to face me, face my wrath. That was all in past, or at least it was going to be as soon as Lucas gave her the letter.
The letter read:
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