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Kickoff written by echocat / Follow-up written by TiredHuman

I woke up feeling like death. Which to be honest, was a rather big relief. Better brave the 'great beyond' than continue to swallow all the crap life threw at me.

I tried to sit up, before noticing the wires splayed all over my chest and arms, restricting my movements. What in the world? I twitched, itching to rip everything off. There was a high pitched beeping that cut through my brain like a crateful of nails being hammered into my skull.
If this was Hell, they were creative with their torture methods.

I looked around. White walls and a polished tile floor. An old tv on the opposite floor, replaying the same sponge commercial over and over. The wires and tubes buried in my skin were hooked up to a couple IV bags standing
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at the head of my bed, and the infernal beeping whined out of a heart monitor to my right. The sterile smell of... of
Oh. A hospital.

I was in a hospital.
Which meant I wasn't dead.

I was alive.

I twisted around again, trying to drink in all my surroundings. Slowly, the memory of what had happened filtered in.

A turn, the sudden screech of the brakes, the blinding headlights of another car racing towards us.
A crash.

Antonio sprawled on his seat like a broken mannequin.

Agony ripping through my body as I looked down to my blood-soaked seatbelt. But more than that, shock.

My parent's still figures at the front.
Antonio's paper-white face.

Damn. We'd crashed. And I was still alive.
...I was still alive.

Despair started sinking in.
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