Kickoff written by landon

Jamy Quick VS. The World

A mystery story of epic surprises

Jamy Quick VS The World Part #1
Home Town Crime
Danny Allorto

15 year old Dan flipped the pancake into the air.He looked over at his best friend Jamy Quick or as everyone knew her Jamy.So What's wrong you haven't touched your pancakes.I've just been stressed over recent developments.Such as what questioned Dan with his mouth full of food.Such as the bank robbery that went on yesterday replied Jamy.Wait what Dan said suddenly,a bank was robbed?.Yes, replied Jamy who was also 15 years old. it was MIghty Mountain Bankings first ever robbery.Idon’t know how they got past the security guards sensors and whatever other secret security systems they have in that place.Well maybe would should go see Deputy Laws and find out what happened,in fact as far as we know she might have already wrapped up the case.OK just as soon as Ifinish my pancakes Dan said as he scarfed down an impossible amount of pancake in one bite.Idon't know how you could possibly eat so much said a thoroughly disgusted Jamy.Ok
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now i'm finished.Ok replied Jamy so let's hit the road friend.Whoa hold on their Jamy we can't just leave this kitchen looking like its been thoroughly raided by a band of food munching thieves.Cant your maid do that asked Jamy questionally.NO Jamy not all of us have a maid remember due to the fact that not all of our parents were super rich and then died and left us a but-load of money.yeah ok i'm sorry replied Jamy,but let's hurry up and get the dishes washed.OK i'll dry and you can wash said Dan,Deal relied Jamy as they began cleaning up.The next 30 minutes were a rush of sounds and towels to Jamy and then they were finally done.Good job said Dan,now that we've knocked that out we can finally go see Deputy Laws.At last Jamy said as they left out of the door.As the eager duo walked through the narrow streets of millersville Jamy noticed something weird in fronts of Mr Mildreds house.Hey Dan is that a new car in front of Mr Mildreds house? Yeah Ihaven't seen that one yet but you know
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he moves around alot and changes cars alot.Yeah replied Jamy almost as if he has something to hide.Maybe replied Dan but we’re not on our way to talk to mr Mildred our we,no he stated before Jamy could respond.Well your right so let's mosey along.As they neared the sheriff's station a normal looking brick building with a weathered old sign.Thank You said Jamy as Dan opened the glass door for her,after you Dan said.Deputy Laws was sitting at the last desk on the right of the office room.She looked up alarmed as she saw them drawing near and and stood up to greet them with a juvalent look on her face.finally Deputy Laws said as they reached her desk.someone who can help me on the case.Wait we didn't even ask about the bank robbery yet said a awestruck Dan.but you wouldn't be here if you didn't want to know something now would you.Well no and yes we want to help with the case.then id better get you up to speed on the facts said Deputy Laws as she sat down in front of them.As you may know the
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Mighty mountains bank was robbed yesterday.This was obviously the work of a master thief.why do you think that Jamy inquired.Because no average or common thief would have known how to scramble the security systems the way this thief did replied Deputy Laws.What do you mean by scrambled Dan asked looking confused.By scrambled I mean they erased and permanently shut down all the cameras and the security systems.So we’re looking for a computer hacker stated Jamy.Yeah but also for a athlete.why a athlete Dan asked.because replied Deputy Laws the security systems aren't the only security features there are also walls and a pit traps that due not connect to the computer systems.Ok so a athlete and hacker that a-may or not be living in Millersville and may or may not be the same person.Yes so any ideas kiddos.Yes replied Jamy on the way over here we saw a new car parked in front of Mr Mildreds house and everyone know he's a genius with computers.Well lets no jump to conclusions Mr
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