Kickoff written by jaycee04

THE TOWƎЯ (part 9)

Every small town hides a secret...

Luke and Christopher stood by the edge of a road which split into two. Many trees ascended into the blueish-grey sky, interrupted only by the black outline of electrical poles. Squashed in between was a two street signs with green arrows: one pointing left, “Blake Rd” and one pointing right, “Dougal Rd” Towering above it was a street lamp that gave a faint orange glow to the surrounding trees and road.

“Something’s not right,” Christopher stated, looking back at the tower, which stood ominously in the distance.Luke stood beside Christopher, silent but still shaken up. Every little noise made his heart thump and head turn jarringly, his “hover-board” wrapped in his arms over his chest. “The radio tower’s lights seem to be blinking more than usual.” Christopher observed. He looked around and noticed that the trees where the road split seemed to have little space between them.

“The blinking went from every once in a while to now…more often.” He turned to Luke. “I remember them blinking
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the night Rue went missing… I think. But this past week it’s happened twice.” There was a long pause. “And it happened tonight.”

It was now dark. The moon, rose over the town, giving off a faint glow… Illuminating the petrified and pale expression on Luke’s face. Clearly wrestling over something in his head.

“We need to go home.” Luke whispered tremulously.

Christopher went silent, and turned to him.

“I should have told you s-sooner. I’m sorry.”

“What happened?” Christopher croaked.

Luke gazed blankly at the road ahead of him, breathing heavy now. “Two days before she went missing.” His voice went dry, “Me and Rue s-saw something…We heard a scream. And saw something in the trees…by the t-tower. She pointed to it and asked if I could s-see it too.” He stuttered.

“What did you see?” Christopher questioned.

Luke’s chest tightened up again. He took deep breaths, and pulled out his inhaler, shaking it. He pressed on the canister, and inhaled deeply.

“Just breathe” Christopher
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patted him softy on the back.

After a moment Luke collected himself, “It looked like a m-man in a red suit dragging someone in the forest.”

There was an uncomfortable silence. Christopher suddenly realized how quiet the night had gotten. No birds made a sound. The air was still. Nobody was visible on this part of the road, and most of the lights inside the houses on this road were shut off. After hearing what Luke said, every little noise made Christopher’s skin prickle. “Rue screamed and the man turned toward us.” Luke breathed, his voice getting quieter.

“Did you see his face?” Christopher questioned, anxious for a reply.

Now Luke’s voice was just a faint whisper, a vapor in the wind. “He had no face.”
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